It’s National Dog Day! Capturing Those Quiet Moments With Tess

It's not very often that my house is quiet! But every once in a while I get a very narrow window of opportunity, usually on a Monday, when everyone is tuckered out after a busy weekend. Sometimes they'll even settle down long enough for me capture a few quick photos! Tessie, my one year old Weimaraner,  is one of the easiest "kids" to photograph in the house lately. It takes a lot of exercise to relax her and even still she always has to be in the middle of it so she knows what's going on at … [Read more...]

Keeping Healthy For The Upcoming School Year! Join Me For The PURELL 30-Day Challenge! #PURELL30

Can I be totally honest with you? Hand washing in our house is a battle! Sounds gross but if you have young kids you KNOW how difficult it is to keep their little hands clean! Mine hate to lose precious time in the bathroom so getting them there is half the battle. And getting them to actually use soap and water AND scrub their hands long enough to get them really clean is like going to war. Drying properly? More like shake-hands-violently-towards-the-mirror, right? So in an attempt to keep … [Read more...]

On Saying Goodbye To The Farm + Questions To Think About When Relocating

If you follow me on instagram you probably already know that we moved! And are wondering why. Some days me too...but it's for all good reasons and part of the bigger picture - the five year plan - maybe ten -  but oh my gosh is it ever hard to say goodbye and write about my little farmhouse that I loved so much! Was I one hundred percent ready to move? I don't think so. We just finished everything up, we were in a comfortable place of just enjoying our home and not having to constantly work … [Read more...]

Bobs & Lolo: New Kid-Friendly Album in Time for Summer + A Giveaway

Bobs & Lolo has been stuck in my head since I had my first child in 2007! While living in the north with babies and taking many six hour drives into the big city every month or so, tons of kid-friendly music was a means of survival on those long trips! Silly songs that kept everyone in a happy mood, especially during those toddler years was a necessity. Now that my children are a little older at ages five and seven, age appropriate music is more important that ever when we're in the car. … [Read more...]

The Newest Hair Color Trend & Invisible Layering | Tortoiseshell / Ecaille Hair | What To Ask For? My Before & After

Everytime my hair appointment rolls around I find myself on my hair crush pinterest board looking at hair that is the exact opposite of what is currently on my head! "Blonde! Brunette! Maybe I'd look good as a redhead!" I convince myself that extreme is better and will give me more of the "wow" factor.  As a natural brunette the back and forth is definitely doable with a very skilled stylist who really understands color but it's not exactly ideal when you want to keep your length. And the … [Read more...]