Plan Your Baby Moments: How To Take Your Own Photos Like A Pro! Tips, Fail-Proof Props PLUS a #BabyMoments Canon Printer Giveaway!

I'm well beyond the cutesy baby stage with school aged children so I've taken to photographing the next best thing. My puppy! But now my puppy is almost a year old so the days of her falling asleep all over the house and being photogenic are over! I was absolutely delighted when my mother in law came for a visit and introduced us to her new baby! Meet, Pip! Pip is the teensiest, cutest little chihuahua weighing in at a whopping 3lbs. Pip was my "baby" for my Canon SL1 photoshoot and while … [Read more...]

Buying A New Home? Have Design, Mortgage or Legal Questions? Ask The Experts During The #RBCFirstHome Twitter Party & Win 1 of 5 $500 Gift Cards!

If you're in the market for your first home OR you're buying a new home please join us tomorrow June 16th 2015 at 8:30pm ET for the #RBCFirstHome twitter party! All you have to do is show up and use the hashtag #RBCFirstHome for your tweets! There will be an amazing group of experts on hand to answer all your questions. They’ve invited a lawyer, realtor, designer, home builders, home experts and mortgage experts to chime in! The exciting part…you have a chance to win 1 of 5 $100 gift cards just … [Read more...]

Jord Sustainable Wood Watches: New Cora Collection in Zebrawood & Turquoise | #JordWatch

One day I hope to have a collection of beautiful necklaces and gorgeous bracelets but I'm still in mom-mode with rough and tumble sons who end up breaking my jewelry by accident! Occasionally I'll wear earrings on a special evening but during day-to-day I only ever wear my wedding rings and a watch. So because I don't wear much jewelry I love watches that have serious style, look elegant and modern. It helps if it's in my favorite color too....turquoise. How beautiful is this new wooden watch … [Read more...]

Saje Wellness Skincare Kit #SajeEssentials

If I could go back and tell my twenty year old self one thing about skincare I would remind her to be gentle with my skin. I would tell her to ditch the gritty cleansers, wash your face before bed, drink. more. water. and listen to what they say.  They (they being girls at the spa, the makeup counters, etc.) who would always say the same thing:  "your skin is sooo dry! You should be using a cream cleanser!" But I could never get behind a "gentle" cream cleanser. In my head cream cleanser meant … [Read more...]

Modern Design Decor For Kids Spaces: Minneken & Me In Our Big Boy Room | $100 Giveaway + 20% off!

Creating a space for my oldest son has been a bit of a challenge. He's been transitioning from little boy to big boy and now he's not far from the tween years! This means he needed a space that was "cool" but not too adult. We originally started off with a soft sea foamy wall color (pictured here) but my son wanted it a different color than his baby brother so we decided on a clean white so he could have pops of bright color where he wanted and his existing furniture would stand out. The walls … [Read more...]

How To: Clean Windows Like A Pro So They Sparkle | The Quick + Easy + Chemical Free Way From A Gal Who Lives In The Country!

Okay friends. I have been fighting with my three enormous 6'x4' picture windows in my living room for two years. That's eighteen by twelve feet of dirty glass that drove me crazy on the daily. We live in the country down a dirt road with dirt driveways so everything has a layer of dust/dirt on it. Can you see the haze on the right side of this photo and whatever sad attempt I made to clean it the time before? This is legit. I didn't make it extra dirty by throwing handfuls of dusty sand at my … [Read more...]

ICYMI: Whole Foods Market Coming to Alberta. Edmonton Fall 2016 & Calgary Summer 2017

In case you missed it: Whole Foods Market announced its plans for continued expansion in Western Canada with three new locations: Greater Victoria, British Columbia; Edmonton, Alberta; and Calgary, Alberta. “We will be working with growers, suppliers, ranchers and manufacturers in Alberta and on Vancouver Island to source as many local products and services as we can find.” The company currently has four stores in British Columbia, with locations in development in North Burnaby … [Read more...]

Buying Your First Home? Chat With Experts During The #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat | Mar 24

Whether you're buying your first home or your fifth it always wracks your nerves a little bit doesn't it?  The combination of excitement and unknowns can really wear you out. We try to be prepared by talking to our friends, our coworkers, our parents, the mail lady... but how can we be FULLY prepared by the time we sign on the line? Truth is there are probably going to be some unanswered questions - questions you never knew you had or should have had until you've purchased your second or third … [Read more...]

Are You Flying This Spring Break? Follow These Family Friendly Security Screening Tips

If you’re like the thousands of Canadians who will take to the air for a vacation this spring break, the Canadian Air Transport Security (CATSA) has advice that will help you go through security in no time. Family friendly tips Good news! When you’re travelling with children under the age of two, you can bring liquids such as milk, breast milk and juice that exceed the 100ml restrictions in carry-on baggage. Just have the containers ready to present to screening officers for a quick … [Read more...]

What To Do With The Kids Over The Weekend In Edmonton? Mike The Knight Is In Edmonton February 22 + More Canada Tour Dates

One of my favorite things to do with my children is take them to live kids shows! It makes my heart so full when I see how happy they are while enjoying their favorite characters on stage. Koba Entertainment always puts on a quality kids show and right now they're touring around Canada with Mike the Knight! Mike The Knight in the Great Scavenger Hunt! Koba Entertainment sets out on their bravest mission to date starring the cheerful yet bountiful Mike the Knight in his first ever North … [Read more...]