How To: Clean & Remove Scratches From A White Farm Sink (Like The Ikea Domsjo)

Many of us who have installed the big white farm sink from Ikea (the Domsjo) end up shedding a tear or two when we notice our first grey scratch on our beautiful shiny white sink.  It's a sad, sad moment but it has to happen in order to break you in so you don't spend the next several months washing overloaded sinks of dishes in absolute fear  ;) Before we had a dishwasher I spent the better part of 6 months hand washing dishes and scuffing my sink here and there.  I do baby it quite a bit … [Read more...]

Goodbye Dirt & Dust. Hello, Dyson DC66: Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ Certified Vacuum | #DysonMagic

Your home may look clean, but microscopic dust remains hidden in floor crevices or ground into carpet, rugs and soft furnishings. Within this dust are allergens, and inhaling even a small amount is enough to trigger an allergic reaction. Did you know that a single gram of house dust can contain around 100,000 mold spores alone?  Some allergens are just 0.5 microns in size. That's 0.000197 inches. Or 200 times smaller than a human hair. This means they can easily enter the body through … [Read more...]

Camp & Cabin: Cozy Polar Fleece Plaid Onesies + A $100 Visa Gift Card & Onesie Giveaway!| #CampandCabinCozy

Living in a farmhouse in rural Alberta during the winter is cold. Cold as in last week it was -40 Celsius and I found myself hovering over the wood stove muttering about why of all places to we live we chose a place that has 7 months of winter?! Things are looking up though. I recently received a very soft package in the mail that I immediately ran to my bedroom with. I came out dressed head to toe in red plaid polar fleece and it was amazing. I finally have a fleecy onesie!! The one below to be … [Read more...]

Old Fashioned Poached Eggs & Toast (the new, easier way) + A Hamilton Beach Giveaway | #HBSocialKitchen

Poached eggs and toast are a family favorite. They're our Saturday and Sunday morning usual but I have to admit they're sort of a pain to make if doing it the old school way with boiling water and vinegar. I mean it's not THAT big of a's just not very neat and clean and sometimes your eggs come out looking like jelly fish - great for serving kids, totally embarrassing when serving your guests! Hardboiled eggs are a gamble too. Cook them for too long and they're dried out and tinged … [Read more...]

Winter Fun Photos: Blowing Snow & Capturing #BabyMoments | Canon SL1 Part 2

Last night I was sitting at the genius bar with my macbook just about to head to triage for further testing (seriously, it's a place for sick laptops!) when the gal behind the counter looked up at me with her eyes bugged out as to say "are you freaking kidding? 47,000 photos and you've never backed up?" I haven't backed up my macbook once in the almost 4 years I've had it and I started to get a little panicky. I was supposed to sign a waiver that stated Apple was not responsible for any lost … [Read more...]

Capturing Moments Around The Homemade Farm With Canon + A Giveaway! | #BabyMoments Canon SL1 Part 1

My "babies" might be turning 5 and 7 in a couple days but that doesn't mean taking photographs of their milestones and achievements has slowed down! Since we moved to the farm I've taken an embarrassing amount of photos but with a beautiful backdrop and lovely lighting it's hard not to want to capture all my babies ALL the time! It's tricky though as your children get older. The patience isn't there, they don't really like getting dressed up and honestly, they've got better things to do than … [Read more...]

Traveling Soon? Here’s How To Make Screening A Breeze This Winter

The weather outside may be frightful, but traveling this winter can be delightful! Whether you’re packing for a winter wonderland with the kids or escaping the cold, these tips from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) will make airport security a breeze. Before the airport Snowy weather can make getting to the airport a challenge, so make sure to arrive with plenty of time to check in and go through screening. Wait times for major airports are listed on CATSA’s website or … [Read more...]

The Homemade Farm Christmas Home Tour: Simple Farmhouse Style Christmas Decor In A Small Space

This is the first year we'll be spending Christmas in our little farmhouse and I couldn't be more thrilled to decorate! With most of the renovation projects complete at this point we're finally feeling settled in and ready to relax and enjoy our home. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays but honestly the extra clutter in the house makes me itch a little bit! In a larger home it's definitely not as noticeable but in our small farmhouse where every square inch serves a purpose I needed to be … [Read more...]

Grilled Apple Slices: A Healthy Afterschool Snack OR Dessert In A Hurry With The Hamilton Beach Searing Grill #HBSocialKitchen

With all the kitchen gadgets and small appliances that are available and the limited space I have to store them in my home, my kitchen items have to work really well and efficiently for me to keep them around. New to Hamilton Beach is the Searing Grill with Viewing Window And Removable Plates and believe me when I say this one is definitely a keeper. It's lightweight, so easy to use and it's wonderfully multi-purpose.  This handy little indoor grill works hard for it's size! It is small enough … [Read more...]

Small Space Solutions: Tiny Stools + A Quick Old Furniture Refinishing Project

In our little house I'm always looking for furniture that is multi-purpose and stools are one of my favorites to have in nearly every room! They make for some cute decor, an easy plant stand, they save space and provide additional seating in a pinch. And they're perfect for my instagram pics ;) Ha! I've been lugging around these tiny hand me down stools for years now and I decided to pull them out of the barn the other day to give them a quick makeover. I went with chalk paint, but if you … [Read more...]