The Homemade Farm Christmas Home Tour: Simple Farmhouse Style Christmas Decor In A Small Space

This is the first year we'll be spending Christmas in our little farmhouse and I couldn't be more thrilled to decorate! With most of the renovation projects complete at this point we're finally feeling settled in and ready to relax and enjoy our home. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays but honestly the extra clutter in the house makes me itch a little bit! In a larger home it's definitely not as noticeable but in our small farmhouse where every square inch serves a purpose I needed to be … [Read more...]

Grilled Apple Slices: A Healthy Afterschool Snack OR Dessert In A Hurry With The Hamilton Beach Searing Grill #HBSocialKitchen

With all the kitchen gadgets and small appliances that are available and the limited space I have to store them in my home, my kitchen items have to work really well and efficiently for me to keep them around. New to Hamilton Beach is the Searing Grill with Viewing Window And Removable Plates and believe me when I say this one is definitely a keeper. It's lightweight, so easy to use and it's wonderfully multi-purpose.  This handy little indoor grill works hard for it's size! It is small enough … [Read more...]

Small Space Solutions: Tiny Stools + A Quick Old Furniture Refinishing Project

In our little house I'm always looking for furniture that is multi-purpose and stools are one of my favorites to have in nearly every room! They make for some cute decor, an easy plant stand, they save space and provide additional seating in a pinch. And they're perfect for my instagram pics ;) Ha! I've been lugging around these tiny hand me down stools for years now and I decided to pull them out of the barn the other day to give them a quick makeover. I went with chalk paint, but if you … [Read more...]

WeeStock Indie & Boutique Baby Show | October 11th, 2014| #WeeStock2014 #Yeg

Hundreds of new and expecting parents will be shopping locally for their babies and toddlers on Saturday, October 11 at WeeStock Indie & Boutique Baby Show in Stony Plain at the Pavilion at Heritage Park. WeeStock is a unique show in Edmonton that focuses on bringing local, handmade, organic, fair trade, and boutique-quality baby and toddler products and services to young families in the area since its first show in early 2010. “It is really important to shop locally as much as you can”, … [Read more...]

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We Heart Cereal Food Bank Drive With Ivory Noir Salon | #weHEARTcereal

In the midst of all the chaos that comes with a monday morning of getting ready for school, I quickly grabbed each of my sons a cereal bowl. I looked at the pretty glass jar that it was in during that split second of awareness my heart quickly gave thanks that I was able to feed my boys without any worries crossing my mind that we might not have enough. I was thankful that I had milk in the fridge to give them and that I didn't have to choose between groceries or paying an electric bill. It's … [Read more...]

Edmonton’s K-Days: Summertime Family Fun | July 18-27 #Kdays

After the kids had been home from school on summer break for a few weeks K-Days swooped in to save the day and gave us just what we needed - a full day good old fashioned fun at the midway. We always get the kids their ride-all-day bracelets, bring lots of sunscreen and plan to be on the grounds for an entire day until everyone is dragging their feet and finally ready to go home. The treats are always fantastic (look for the gourmet caramel candy apples inside with the fudge...they make their … [Read more...]

Cavalia: The World’s Most Magical Show Brings Odysseo To Edmonton! | Win Tickets Valued at $200 #OdysseoYEG #Giveaway

  Majestic, magnificent, graceful, completely beautiful....this is Cavalia. One of the most magical shows I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing is back in Edmonton this year with Odysseo and I'm absolutely overjoyed knowing that I'll be able to share this experience again with my friends and family! Cavalia is unlike any other's a fascinating evening from start to finish and  has the entire audience captivated; you are moved to tears, your cheeks hurt from smiling so … [Read more...]

When It Comes To Green Juice Do You Need An Expensive Juicer or Blender? | Juicer Giveaway! #HBSocialKitchen | Green Juice Recipe

Making green juice and green smoothies is something I loooove to do. It doesn't occur everyday like it should but I call it a semi-win if I'm getting in at least a few juicing sessions a week. Now when it comes to juicing we tend to see dollar we need a $400-$600 high powered blender or a $300 juicer? For me, the answer is no. And you might be surprised (like I was!) that my less expensive Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor actually has a few more pros going for it than my … [Read more...]

School’s Out! Gearing Up For A Family Vacation? Here’s a Travel Checklist For Breezing Through Security With Children | #CATSAscreening

On our most recent visit through airport security I forgot that I had a can of Santa Cruz pop in my bag for my kids as a treat. When airport security noticed it they were super cool about it (as in, not grumpy that I was holding up the entire line at 6am) and said, "Oh not a big they want a sip before we have to get rid of it?" Excitedly, loudly and mistakenly, I said,  "Here boys! Come have a sip! I hope it doesn't explode when I open it!" .... Um yea. Don't ever say that in airport … [Read more...]

How To: Kill Weeds & Grass Naturally Without Chemicals | My Recipe For Homemade Non-Toxic Herbicide That Works!

We recently put a big load of gravel on our driveway and in no time the weeds and grass starting poking through!  A toxic, poisonous herbicide like RoundUp would work quickly but that's absolutely out of the question. My first instinct was to try vinegar. It's cheap and I always have a ton of it in the house since I use it for cleaning.  After a quick google search it sounded like vinegar is a great weed killer and works even better when combined with salt and dish soap.  Here's what worked for … [Read more...]