How Do You Know If Your Child Needs An Eye Exam? | Kids See Free at Superstore Optical Centres

According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists one in four children has a vision problem, vision changes can occur without parents or children even noticing them, dramatically affecting academic and athletic success which means a single pair of eye glasses could be the difference between a child thriving at school or falling behind. How do you know if your child needs an eye exam? Some signs to watch out for include: -  Having difficulty reading -  Sitting close to the TV or … [Read more...]

A Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Service for Drier, Cleaner and Healthier Carpets Without The Soapy Chemical Residue: Chem Dry

Ahh the joys of moving. I've come to expect to take possession of a not so clean house once the previous owners have moved out. I always remind myself that if people don't keep their home clean while they live there, they sure as heck aren't going to clean it for YOU when they move out! SO. The day we took possession of our new home I was stressed about not having enough time to get our carpets cleaned. The previous folks had a dog and small children so the carpets were obviously dirty and the … [Read more...]

Keeping Organized During The School Year – This Is a Myth, Right? | My Simplified Lunch Making Station #PURELL30

So what is this secret formula that keeps those organized moms and kids in order? I have no idea. If you know, please do share with the group. We're dying in a pile of late permission slips and spelling sheets and artwork that we don't have the heart to throw out. My kiddos started school last week and I had the best intentions to keep everything organized but of course, always of course!, life happens and things get turned upside down and here we are at the beginning of a short week already … [Read more...]

It’s National Dog Day! Capturing Those Quiet Moments With Tess

It's not very often that my house is quiet! But every once in a while I get a very narrow window of opportunity, usually on a Monday, when everyone is tuckered out after a busy weekend. Sometimes they'll even settle down long enough for me capture a few quick photos! Tessie, my one year old Weimaraner,  is one of the easiest "kids" to photograph in the house lately. It takes a lot of exercise to relax her and even still she always has to be in the middle of it so she knows what's going on at … [Read more...]

Keeping Healthy For The Upcoming School Year! Join Me For The PURELL 30-Day Challenge! #PURELL30

Can I be totally honest with you? Hand washing in our house is a battle! Sounds gross but if you have young kids you KNOW how difficult it is to keep their little hands clean! Mine hate to lose precious time in the bathroom so getting them there is half the battle. And getting them to actually use soap and water AND scrub their hands long enough to get them really clean is like going to war. Drying properly? More like shake-hands-violently-towards-the-mirror, right? So in an attempt to keep … [Read more...]