Raspberry Kids has made a previous appearance on Natural Mommie showcasing some of the great eco-friendly products that owner, Sue Sinclair, carries in her refreshing and fun Canadian online boutique.

Raspberry Kids is offering more and more eco-friendly alternatives all the time, which I appreciate. Sue searches for only the best quality products to offer her customers, making buying for yourself or someone you love a breeze. It’s re-assuring to know that when you browse through the Organic category at Raspberry Kids, you’ll find unique and most importantly safe products like organic clothing, fabulous organic bedding, bamboo utensils, stylish and BPA, phthalate, PVC and polycarbonate-free bottles , and more!

We reviewed a sustainable product that Sue is so happy to have available in her store! A line of eco-friendly plates from the Smiling Planet that are BPA, phthalate, PVC and lead free. The plates are also organic, 100% recyclable and dishwasher safe. I love it when eco-friendly is easy!!

I’ve given lots of thought to the utensils and the sippy cups we use in our home but plates didn’t really cross my mind. We have a few bamboo bowls and some bpa free plastic bowls but until now we didn’t have any “safe” plates! Kind of silly considering that Aidan’s food {usually hot} is put on a plate three times a day – sometimes more! Time to get with the program, mama!

Now, you can tell these plates will hold up for quite a while. They’re quality products that will not scratch since the designs are subsurface. It won’t surprise me at all if Aidan is eating off these plates when he’s 10! Aidan really likes having his own special “peace” plate. I always tell him to eat his food so he can see the peace sign! and he gets a kick out of it. If you have picky eaters, this is definitely a product that could change the way your toddler eats!

The positive messages that these plates have is what really makes them special. “The world is wonderful and deserves to smile” and cute little animals holding hands around the planet make teaching your children about being green and responsible while supporting sustainable living is something fun that they can be excited about.

The Smiling Planet Peace Plates retail for $16.99 and Raspberry Kids is the only retailer in Canada to carry them! So if you’ve wanted to get your hands on them you know where to go now!

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