ask the doctor: how to treat & heal baby/toddler acne

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Hi Dr Corinne,

My daughter is 16 months old and she is prone to getting pimples in the area between her nose and mouth. One ended up infected and she had to go on antibiotics, and it was so painful for her! Is there anything that we can use to treat them that is safe for such a young child? I was wondering about using tea tree oil when she has one appear. Thanks!


Stacey A.

Hi Stacey,

I’m so sorry to hear about your poor little daughter’s infected pimples! Where ‘acne’ as we know it is mostly common in older years, it is common for children to have various forms of skin conditions when there is something disagreeing with them inside their body – i.e. their diet, toxins, etc. The skin is our body’s largest ‘organ of elimination’, meaning that when there are toxins or any disruption inside, it will attempt to express it through the skin. Instead of being an indicator of internal health, skin conditions are oftentimes suppressed with corticosteroid creams or other ointments which push the body’s expression of distress back inside! This forces the body to change its tactic – it is very intelligent – and in an attempt to reduce the damage the body will then try other routes to get it out. The body’s organs of elimination are the skin, lungs, bowels, and kidneys.

SO, that being said – your daughter’s body might be trying to tell you something. Have you seen a doctor about the pimples? Something to look into and experiment with is the presence of something in her diet or environment that is not agreeing with her. An extremely common culprit in the diet is dairy, but I cannot say for sure without a full intake of your daughter’s case. I recommend making an appointment with your family naturopath to find the root cause of the pimples.

However, to answer your question – tea tree oil may be a bit harsh to use on child’s skin. I recommend trying something with more gentle, healing qualities such as a calendula ointment which can be found at any healthfood store.

I hope that answers your question, Stacey. Thanks for your submission!

In health and happiness –

Dr. Corinne

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