organizing your spices/cupboard/pantry: use mason jars!

I love me some mason jars. I think it’s a deeply routed childhood thing because growing up we drank from mason jar “glasses”, the ones with the handles. I love all the different styles you can buy now {mostly to fancy up your jams for gift-giving} or to have pretty {I can’t be the only one who finds mason jars pretty, can I?}  and functional spice jars that I can actually get a measuring spoon into.

I bought these this week at the grocery store in a pack of 4 for I think $6.99. I washed them up {handy tip: don’t leave the lids or rings sitting in the sink water for a few hours because you forgot about washing them otherwise you’ll have some nice rust speckles on the edges} These hold 125ml so they’re small enough that they don’t take up a ton of room in my cupboard yet I’m not filling them up every 3 weeks either.

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14 thoughts on “organizing your spices/cupboard/pantry: use mason jars!

  1. Awesome idea…I am so doing this!! And no, your not the only one who thinks mason jars are pretty! I do too!

    Sweet tea + mason jar = pure heaven! lol

  2. I love mason jars to drink out of, in fact I use them every day for coffe, but never thought of them for spices. That is a great and cute idea though! I will have to go on the hunt for the mini ones.

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