organizing your spices/cupboard/pantry: use mason jars!

I love me some mason jars. I think it’s a deeply routed childhood thing because growing up we drank from mason jar “glasses”, the ones with the handles. I love all the different styles you can buy now {mostly to fancy up your jams for gift-giving} or to have pretty {I can’t be the only one who finds mason jars pretty, can I?}  and functional spice jars that I can actually get a measuring spoon into.

I bought these this week at the grocery store in a pack of 4 for I think $6.99. I washed them up {handy tip: don’t leave the lids or rings sitting in the sink water for a few hours because you forgot about washing them otherwise you’ll have some nice rust speckles on the edges} These hold 125ml so they’re small enough that they don’t take up a ton of room in my cupboard yet I’m not filling them up every 3 weeks either.

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14 thoughts on “organizing your spices/cupboard/pantry: use mason jars!

  1. Awesome idea…I am so doing this!! And no, your not the only one who thinks mason jars are pretty! I do too!

    Sweet tea + mason jar = pure heaven! lol

      1. Sorry Tiffanie! Was too crazy getting Green Gift Guide stuff organized that I didn’t have a chance to post the label info. Will be coming shortly!

  2. Those are the cutest little things!! We’ve just discovered mason jars now that we started canning and love them xD

  3. This is a great idea, I just picked up 3 sets of these. Go to target, they have them for only 3.75.

  4. I love mason jars to drink out of, in fact I use them every day for coffe, but never thought of them for spices. That is a great and cute idea though! I will have to go on the hunt for the mini ones.

  5. I have seen people use chalkboard paint for labeling the lids. I think that’s what I will do!

  6. I love this idea but I have never seen mason jars this small. Where did you get them?

    1. Hi Elaine! I think I found these at the grocery store if I remember correctly. Are you in Canada? If so, Canadian Tire has a nice selection of masons.

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