diy: how to make yarn balls

These little gems are perfect for parties, special occasions, nursery, children’s bedroom decor or even in a big glass vase placed on a dresser, in  the bathroom or on the dining table.  Thanks to TCPH for this easy to follow tutorial:


You’ll need:

– Styrofoam balls in any size you prefer. I used 2 1/2 in. Feel free to buy bigger if you want. I think any size would look rad depending on the situation.

– Yarn in any color {cheap cotton works}

– small pins

– ribbon

– tape or tacks {if you’re hanging them from the ceiling}

What you do:

Find the end of your big skein of yarn and begin to wrap that end around your styrofoam ball. The styrofoam will “grab” the yarn, making this easy to get the wrapping started.

Continue to wrap the yarn around the ball, snuggly. Make sure you evenly wrap for good coverage. Wrap until the styrofoam is sufficiently covered. Give your self about 6 to 8 inches of yarn, then cut it. Take the excess yarn and wrap it around the ball and tuck yarn in and around the already wrapped yarn until it is secure and the end yarn isn’t sticking out. Now we need to attach the ribbon for hanging! First off, determine where you are going to hang the balls and how much yarn you’ll need to cut for each ball.

Take your ribbon and pinch it together at the end. Making sure the ribbon stays folded (pinched), push a pin through the end of the folded ribbon down into the ball to secure. Push a second pin in for reinforcement.

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8 thoughts on “diy: how to make yarn balls

  1. Cute & Easy!!! Thanks for posting this, this will be a great little project for my daughter and I!

  2. I love this! I think they would be an inexpensive way to add some colorful accents to our newly completed basement decor. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  3. Very cute!
    At first, I thought you were making yarn balls for knitting purposes, so I was like what the heck do you need a Styrofoam ball for!? LOL
    But I get it now and it’s very creative!

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