How To: Make Natural Baby Powder | 5-10 minute DIY

Today I picked up a bottle of corn starch for our flight on Saturday to keep all the little boy bums fresh & dry! I’ve made my own baby powder before and it’s ridiculously quick and easy and cloth diaper friendly. Keep in mind that sometimes cornstarch causes yeast growth especially if cloth diapering – I hadn’t experienced that before but just a heads up.

There are a ton of variations to making your own baby powder. Here are a few to experiment with!

Recipe 1:

– ¼ cup cornstarch
– ¼ cup arrowroot powder (carried by most grocery stores)
– 1 tablespoon white clay (found at health food stores)

Recipe 2:

– ¼ cup baking soda
– ¼ cup cornstarch

Recipe 3:

– ¼ cup cornstarch
– ¼ cup arrowroot powder

Recipe 4:

– plain cornstarch (what I’m using right now)

Recipe 5:

– plain arrowroot powder


You can add a few drops of essential oil to these as well. Orange, ylang ylang, geranium and lavender are all lovely. I love mason jars, so that’s what I’ve stored mine in (smaller ones like these are perfect if you nail a few holes in the lid to use as a shaker) but you can also find some pretty glass salt/sugar shakers at the dollar store or Ikea for less than $3 each.

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10 thoughts on “How To: Make Natural Baby Powder | 5-10 minute DIY

    1. To lightly scent your cornstarch for those sticky, muggy days, I find a clean jar with a lid. Then I spray my favorite perfume of the moment once or twice into the jar,number of sprays depends on how much scent you want, then pour cornstarch in the jar, put the lid on, shake and let sit for a few hours or a day. You can pour the scented cornstarch into an old glass powder puff container or put holes in top to use. My local pharmacy sells powder puffs.

    1. Eve, you can get them at the grocery store.

      I didn’t even realise that baby powder was made from these simple ingredients and just checked, i always have corn starch in my cabinet. This is great thanks for the tips

  1. I tend to powder the (area) after I use the bidet and dry up or when I know I’m going to sweat. I looked at the shaker of commercial stuff in my bathroom, and it’s pure talc. I never knew corn starch or baking soda were alright for ‘down there’. Are they safe for that area?

    1. Corn starch is the thickening ingredient in most gravies and is safe for us to eat. It has been used for years in Shower to Shower body powder. So, Inga, the answer to your question is, yes it is very safe to use down there.

      – Dianne

  2. Amazing how simple it is to make it at home. Well most people come to my mini market for the powder, may be I have to help them know the trick instead of buying expensive ones.

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