pur gum: aspartame-free, GMO-free, gluten-free + vegan

It’s not something we normally think about – it’s just gum, right? You pick up your favorite flavor {sometimes the brand doesn’t even matter!}  and carry on. But when you have a little one completely obsessed, and I mean obsessed with chewing gum and swallowing it like I do,  you eventually find yourself screening the labels to see what they’re blowing bubbles with.  Or maybe you’re pregnant and trying desperately to keep your morning sickness at bay by chewing gum non-stop, but you’re worried about ingesting aspartame. Or you’re vegan. Or your sensitive to gluten.

Gum labels are a little, actually very worrisome. Not only is aspartame {a man-made synthetic sweetener found in other sugar-free gums} a common ingredient, but acetic acid ethenyl ester, or vinyl acetate – commonly used as a base in some chewing gums. The substance is a colorless liquid with a strong, sweet scent that can be used as a flavoring agent. And  it’s causing cancer in lab rats.  {source}

For many many reasons, people around the globe are making Pür Gum their only choice. It’s perfect for anyone that is health conscious, children, mom’s and moms-to-be. Studies have shown, that even the smallest amount of aspartame can lead to accumulation of formaldehyde in the brain.

It’s no secret that it’s not good for us. Aspartame is a neurotoxin. In layman’s terms: it messes with your brain. There are 92 FDA-reported symptoms resulting from aspartame ingestion. Here are a few doozies: headaches, dizziness, change of mood, vomiting/nausea, and change in heart rate.

Pür Gum is GMO and aspartame-free.  It’s vegetarian-approved. It’s  naturally colored, flavored, and sweetened and tastes super fresh! My little guy Aidan, loves it and I don’t have to worry about him ingesting chemicals. It actually tastes a lot better than the other brands…maybe it’s the natural ingredients, natural colors and flavors {peppermint, spearmint, and pomegranate mint}, and natural sweeteners {xylitol – which sounds very ‘science’ but is actually a fancy word for the non-genetically modified corn they use in Pür Gum}.  You can find it at health food stores and here’s a list of online retailers and other locations.

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4 thoughts on “pur gum: aspartame-free, GMO-free, gluten-free + vegan

  1. GREAT! I’ve been using Spry, but I’ll be on the lookout for Pur. Thanks :)

  2. Fabulous!!! I have been ‘gum-less’ for years because I get migraines from the aspartame and just got onto Spry gum last summer, but am soooo happy to find that there are finally more options! I think it’s terrible that ALL the available gums (even ones aimed at kids) have aspartame in them and people probably don’t even realize it. Can’t wait to try some Pur gum…thanks for the review!

  3. You’re both very welcome! I saw on twitter that it’s going to be or is available at some Sobeys in Canada.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the introduction – I’ll be on the lookout for this. I don’t chew gum because of all the artificial everything in it, especially the aspartame.

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