wordless wednesday: the chart

Seeing  Aidan race around the house putting all his toys away or get dressed all by himself while saying “mama I do it”  and then watching his face light up when he gets to choose a magnet to put on his responsibility chart is one of my favorite things to see lately.   To a 3 year old any little shred of independence is huge to them especially  for Aidan where he has to share everything with his little brother.   His chart is his and only his and filling it up with magnets not only pleases us but he’s excited about it too! At the end of the day we sit on the couch, take 15 minutes to chat about how everything went, “did you do good sharing? tell me about when you were sharing today!?!”  “did you brush your teeth all by yourself? show me how white they are!” and make it an experience.  It’s proving to be a really really effective and enjoyable tool.

Here’s Aidan at the end of his week, getting ready to clear the board for Sunday and decide on what special treat or activity he’d like to do {alone} with Mom or Dad for doing a really great job at sharing/putting toys away/getting a bath/getting dressed/getting ready for bed/etc. all week long.  He picked one of his favorite things to do – swimming with Daddy.  He’s already told us that he’s going to get all his magnets and go to a movie next time  :)

HOW did those little piggies get so big already??!!

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7 thoughts on “wordless wednesday: the chart

  1. Christie & Lindsey:

    I found it at my grocery store, of all places! They have a decent selection of Melissa & Doug toys. It was around $20 and I think you can find it for about $12-$15 online. But I saw it and grabbed it without a second thought!

  2. That’s so awesome! My girl is 2, so we don’t have a chore chart or anything for her, but she is SO helpful (sometimes too much so!) — I remember helping my mom do things, so I have to try and remember that she’s only 2 and that she’ll mess things up, that her WILLING SPIRIT is the most important thing!

  3. Oh that’s great… I know exactly what I’m getting my nephews for their birthdays now. Thank you for giving me the idea! Hopefully they will be as enthusiastic about it as your son is.

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