what’s for breakfast & lunch & probably dinner {banana crumb muffins}

Yep. The best banana muffin recipe I’ve found to date. And probably the most unhealthy. The crumbly crunchy tops are the best part.  Easy to make and fun for little hands to help out. Here was our breakfast this morning:

Fun to eat on top of the table too.

Banana muffin recipe here.

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10 thoughts on “what’s for breakfast & lunch & probably dinner {banana crumb muffins}

    1. I have a major weakness for banana muffins and banana bread. It’s seriously dangerous for me to have them the house! LOL

  1. I have been making those same muffins for the last few years…the crumb topping is the best! I love Allrecipes for recipes!!! I use it all the time and have found many family favorites! Enjoy your muffins…if there are any left by now :)

    1. Two left of twelve…not too bad LOL

      I’m really enjoying the recipes I find on allrecipes too! You can’t go wrong with the ones that have 1000’s of positive reviews.

  2. I love this recipe. I have it saved in my bakery files for selling and for general consumption. mmm!

  3. I too have been enjoying this recipe for years, but have altered it a bit to make it a little more healthy. I use Organic flour and do 1/2 with whole wheat flour and use Raw Cane Sugar or Agave instead of white.

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