wordless wednesday: the little lovely

I’m officially in love with this new little table that I brought back to life. It was my first piece that I ever refinished and I’m so pleased that I can actually do this. I can DO this! We’re definitely lacking in the furniture department {little tables, dressers, nightstands, etc.} so I’m beyond thrilled knowing that I can scour garage sales and kijiji to furnish our house with “bigger” pieces for next to nothing, aside from a little sanding, paint and time! I just have to find a beautiful glass knob handle for her and that’s it!

Oh, and here’s the 200lb 9 drawer big guy so far….he should be finished in a few days.

Here’s the before.


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26 thoughts on “wordless wednesday: the little lovely

  1. Excellent job! You have done what I have only done in my head!
    A great source for pretty knobs is Restoration Hardware.
    You have given me a little inspiration :)

    1. I’ve been reading DIY blogs for a long time and always wanted to do this sort of thing but was too afraid! I finally took the plunge after this blog I read, http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2011/04/how-to-paint-furniture/ did a really thorough “how to”.

      It was honestly really easy…I can’t wait to do more!

      Thanks for the store suggestion – anthropologie has some really pretty stuff too!

  2. Great job Amanda, the little table looks so cute! You should do a step by step post for us – how did you sand this down by hand? It’s always boggled my mind how to get into the corners and cracks. Any tips?

    1. Thanks Jeanette! I think it’s mostly in the primer!

      I’m painting the top of the big dresser with a can of primer and a brush, but for the little grooves and legs and stuff, spray primer is much easier and saves a ton of time.

      This post is pretty much what I went by – she’s been doing it for a while and tells you what brands of everything work best: http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2011/04/how-to-paint-furniture/

      1. Whoops, should say, that with a good primer, you cover all the dark spots (if it’s a darker piece) so that painting it is a breeze.

    1. Thanks Gram!! It’ll be pretty when it’s all set up in a bedroom with the dresser :)

  3. Hehe, see that everyone? My GRANDMOTHER commented on my blog. How’s that for being up with the times!! Love you gram xoxo

  4. Cool grandmas rock!

    What kind of primer and paint are you using? I’m trying to find no-voc primer (in the US), does it even exist? :(

    1. Nava the spray primer I used wasn’t no-voc…I’m not sure you can even get it! But for spray paint check out the krylon h20 line. I used that and it’s non-toxic.

  5. Wow Amanda, you guys did such an amazing job on that little table!! It looks brand spankin’ new!

    That is a GORGEOUS 9 drawer dresser-I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you’re done xD

    1. Thanks Kayla! My little helpers did a great job sanding LOL

      It rained today {finally!} so I didn’t get to do any painting but I’m soooo eager to get that big guy finished!

  6. What an awesome find to get a HUGE dresser like that! I am still on my search and in the meantime had to nab boy2’s dresser for dh and I to share… hehe :) Can’t wait for the final pics, looks great so far!

    1. Hey Pam!

      No, I just used spray primer in the can for the little table and around the swirly pieces on the big one. For the rest of the big dresser I’ll be priming with a brush.

      We actually have a paint sprayer we bought to paint our first house a few years ago. I need to convince DH to clean it out for me…I think it would make things a little easier!!

  7. When I was a little girl I had that entire dresser set. I believe it was called White Provencial. I had the night table (as pictured), the bed, a 6 drawer set with mirror, a tall 5 drawer dresser, and a desk with bookshelf.

    I wonder what my mom did with it. It was white with a fine gold trim.

    Thanks… I just had a trip down memory lane :)

  8. I still have the same bedroom set as Jennifer B – lol – and using it for my daughter now. Refinishing it is a great idea and I’ve kicked that around but just wondering if you found any more non-toxic and low-voc products that would work for refinishing furniture? I know there are some great 0-VOC/Nontoxic paints but wondering about primers? Also do you use the paint additive that she suggests to keep it from drying fast? Just wondering if it’s needed.

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