is a tassimo on your list? holiday gift idea & brewer giveaway!!

We have a family of tea and coffee drinkers and we all like our them different strengths! A single cup brewer has vastly simplified things for us when we’re entertaining family and friends and TASSIMO by Bosch is our current favorite around here. This solid, high quality brewer uses barcode technology which means the system reads every T DISC (the little pod thingy that holds the grinds) individually and adjusts the temperature, water volume and brew time. This way every coffee, tea, latte and cappuccino is made exactly the way it’s meant to be – perfect. It takes about 1 minute to make one cup and it’s immediately ready for the next one. And there is no taste transfer even after making something as potent as espresso!

TASSIMO just released their new Carte Noire (France’s #1 coffee!) and Gevalia blends and thankfully my father in law was visiting us when they arrived, because he loves a dark roast coffee. I’m not a fan of bold coffees and the jitter it gives me, so my father in law did the testing, which was perfect! He especially enjoyed the Carte Noire Americano and the Gevalia Dark House Blend. Dark roast lovers, unite!

When it comes to black tea, I’m very particular about which one I drink, and I haven’t found any brand out there that I enjoy more than Red Rose Orange Pekoe. I received the Twinnings Orange Pekoe to try but was unfortunately disappointed and will stick with my Red Rose for my morning tea.

We did, however, enjoy the new Cadbury Hot Chocolate. It tastes similar to speciality hot chocolate especially when you add a spoonful of whipping cream!

Another beverage I’m enjoying is the Nabob Decaf Cappuccino. I can’t drink coffee in the afternoon or evening unless I plan to be up all night, so this option is perfect for me when I want to relax and enjoy a hot cup. And it’s only 60 cals, 3 grams of sugar and 4 grams of fat  ;)

Seems like everytime we’re out running around, I spot someone grabbing a TASSIMO off the shelf, and it’s no wonder why – what a wonderful Christmas present this is! Wondering about the “waste” of the T-Discs? Not to worry, everything from the packaging to the disc itself is recyclable. Just peel back the foil, give it a rinse, and pop the plastic in your blue bin.

I have one TASSIMO brewer for one very lucky reader!

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