bunchables: smart (age appropriate) toys delivered monthly & a giveaway!

I can count the number of times on my hand that I’ve taken my boys to “the toy store”. There’s nothing fun about taking the kids there. The “good” stuff is hard to notice in the sea of plastic, neon, flashing, light up buttons and beaming florescent lights over head. For hard to find, eco-friendly toys, I can usually count on a couple of unorganized aisles at Winners/HomeSense (I think this is TJ Maxx in the US) for the hidden gems. Eco-friendly play sets, toys made out of recycled bottle caps (or something similarly ingenious) and generally the plastic junk is kept to a minimum.

BUT, it’s completely hit or miss and I’m never sure if the toys that I’m buying will be something that my boys will enjoy. Yes, the wooden set of whatever it is I’m buying is cool and modern, but is it age appropriate (for real….not just because there’s an age on the package), is it something that they’ll reach for to play with? Is it overpriced just because it says non-toxic on it?

The folks at Bunchables were thinking the same thing. How are parents really going to know if the toys they’re buying are going to be winners or in the next donation bag? And are the toys helping the kids developmentally? Are they honestly non-toxic? So what they decided to do was this:

Bunchables sent a box to each of my boys and they were spot on with sending what would interest them. Sure they’ll play with each other’s toys, but more often than not, each of them are reaching for their own toys that challenge them and interest them. But most importantly since the toys are age appropriate, they can master the challenges and feel proud of their very own accomplishment – an instant confidence and motivation booster that little ones need.

So for $39.99 a month (with free shipping) you’ll receive brand new toys to keep (this is not a toy rental program), the bunchable box will include 2-3 eco-friendly, high quality non-toxic toys from the best toy manufacturers that are based on your child’s age.

Right now this is only available in the US, but we’re looking forward to Bunchables hopefully opening up their doors to Canada!

Bunchables is giving 1 lucky reader a bunchables box! (Open to US & Canada)

Visit Bunchables and tell me which box you’d be interested in receiving if you won!


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