on repeat: mama? bake?

The cracks in the hardwood get filled with flour, there’s splatter up and down the cupboards, dough gets picked through by tiny little caked up fingers and I love every second of it.

With the cold weather here I find we’re lazing around and baking a lot these days! You too?

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Amanda Robinson is the eco-chic, green living, fitness loving mom behind Natural Mommie. Since 2009, Amanda Robinson has been the source for moms to learn how to bring more balanced green beauty, eco-friendly, sustainable, organic products into their homes without being too “crunchy” or “granola”. Amanda is passionate about design, wellness and inspiring moms to make more eco-friendly and healthy choices without having to trade in their stilettos for Birkenstocks. In addition to Natural Mommie, Amanda is also the owner and designer behind Top Knot Style - a beautiful collection of handmade oversized luxury knitwear.

7 thoughts on “on repeat: mama? bake?

  1. Adorable. I love it that you bake so much with your children and can get past the mess! Wonderful memories. I can’t wait to bake with my daughter when she’s old enough.

  2. Your photos are always amazing.

    I wanted to bake yesterday, I was in the mood for creating cinnamon buns for my husband. That being said, I opted out. I was also in a mood where if I did bake them, I probably would have ate half the batch. Since I have a goal of 8 pounds to lose this month it was a recipe for disaster :P

    1. Oh Randa I’m the EXACT same way!!! Before when we lived in the north I would bake tons of stuff and send most of it to work with DH since they needed snacks to keep them going through the middle of the night! I can’t do that anymore so now I rarely bake anything that’s not “healthy”… luckily my kids are already eating us out of the house so nothing hangs around for too long…but agreed…cinnamon buns are definitely a recipe for disaster which is why I hardly ever make them! I have NO CONTROL!!

      Good luck with your goal! I love your IG pics :)

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