Day 2: Green Smoothie Recipe #30daysofgreensmoothies

Day 2:

spinach \\ pear \\ kiwi \\ mango \\ mandarin \\ water


green smoothie easy

green smoothie

I always use 2 cups of spinach, about 1/2-3/4 cup water or juice cut with water, and 1/2- 1 of each fruit. Organic mango is frozen and I use about 1/2 cup. How’s the challenge going for you?  I find replacing one meal very easy and don’t feel hungry at all – there’s a lot of food in this mason jar!


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Amanda Robinson is the eco-chic, green living, fitness loving mom behind Natural Mommie. Since 2009, Amanda Robinson has been the source for moms to learn how to bring more balanced green beauty, eco-friendly, sustainable, organic products into their homes without being too “crunchy” or “granola”. Amanda is passionate about design, wellness and inspiring moms to make more eco-friendly and healthy choices without having to trade in their stilettos for Birkenstocks. In addition to Natural Mommie, Amanda is also the owner and designer behind Top Knot Style - a beautiful collection of handmade oversized luxury knitwear.

8 thoughts on “Day 2: Green Smoothie Recipe #30daysofgreensmoothies

    1. No prob! Did you make it? I’m just throwing in whatever catches my eye in the kitchen. I want to try a grapefruit recipe but not sure how it’ll turn out. We’ll see!!!

    1. Hmmm….I haven’t really thought about what they’d cost per glass! I’ll get back to you :)

  1. This sounds delicious and very filling! It definitely is a glass full of substance! Thanks!

  2. We recently started making green smoothies and after my daughter got over the shock of colour, she actually quite likes them. Shh… don’t tell her there’s avocado in ours, lol

  3. Your dogs are wonderful, amsolt as wonderful as you! The dogs have such a human quality to them, and you capture their personalities beautifully. I love the one of Mr. Murray looking at Soph at the door, and ones of Izzy being an old woman and lying down, and then being playful and mischievous!

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