positive parenting: getting little ones to listen + a free printable superboy/supergirl rewards chart!

rewards charts for boysFor my boys, rewards charts work beautifully. And I’ve found that over the years  the simpler the better. A check mark or smiley face scribbled on a page by mom or dad with the special pen is a powerful thing that works to keep everyone on track – most of the time. We’re hardly perfect and we all have “off” days or get complacent when things are going good, but this is the one thing that always brings us back on the right path. It keeps me in motivation zone so I remember to encourage the boys and give them the positive reinforcement they need instead of always noticing the bad things.

I’ve mentioned before that we tend to switch up our rewards systems quite often just to keep things fresh, but this chart is one we’ve been sticking with for several months now!  It’s simple, immediately effective and it’s a free printable from artist, Arian Armstrong!

Whenever I noticed the boys using kind words, keeping hands to themselves, helping each other, getting along, etc., I’ll randomly give them a check mark. They also get check marks for the usual: brushing teeth, going to bed nicely, getting dressed for the day, getting coats and boots on without whining, eating breakfast, enjoying the day at school, etc. etc.

rewards chart

rewards charts for boys

There’s always an opportunity to give several check marks throughout the day so one chart takes about 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks to fill. Once the chart is filled they get to do the activity they chose (which is usually a movie or ice cream date or a visit to the arcade to play games).

boy charts

check marks

I’ve been letting Aidan write on his own chart when it’s time for him to get a check mark just to give him that little bit of control that every 5 year old craves so much!  Hopefully you’ll find it as helpful as I do! If you print these off let me know how it works for your little ones!

Source: Arian Armstrong

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  1. you have brought up a very wonderful points , appreciate it for the post.

  2. They seem to work really well, hey? I like that it never gets difficult to use …. usually keeps everyone happy and positive and on track.

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