how to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons | our experience so far + a free printable


When I started searching around for the best way to teach my 5 year old little boy how to read the first thing thing that came to mind was “Homeschool. Yes. I bet the homeschool mamas know what’s up.” A few of my favorite bloggers and instagram mamas homeschool their children and Molly immediately came to mind. And that very day she instagrammed a pic of her leafing through “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”.  Great timing :)


As a fellow mama of boys (Molly has 3) I knew if this worked for her, it’s got to be working for other moms of boys. And turns out with a quick search for reviews and a mention on my own facebook page, this book is where it’s at for teaching your children (especially busy boys!) how to read. And it costs less than $15.

From the moment we started our lessons, I knew this book was going to be fantastic. It’s very fast paced with drills and a short writing lesson at the end that keeps my 5 year old in the zone for the entire 10-15 minutes that we’re learning.


It’s simple, straight forward, no messing around. There’s no confusion, no question and seemingly no room for for failure if you follow the instructions and keep up with the lessons everyday. I will say though, that we took a week long break from our lessons over spring break and Aidan was able to pick right back up where we left off and remembered everything he had learned previously.

The book recommends having a teaching schedule in place so I found that doing a lesson before bed or one in the afternoon while my littlest naps works well for us.  It’s really enhanced our one on one reading since Aidan is able to recognize sounds we’ve just learned.

Most days he asks me when it’s time to do his lesson because the boy loves to learn and read so in order to reinforce the positive behaviors and keep up the enthusiasm I printed off my friend Kim’s Reading Challenge printable from her site,  Learn Create Love.


For every lesson that Aidan completes he gets to color in a circle or place a sticker. Since money is his favorite currency right now, when he completes 20 lessons he earns $10.


I also printed one off for his Home Reading Program that just began today in Kindergarten. He was sent home with a reading log for the teachers to check progress and hear feedback, but I thought something personal for him with a goal to look forward too would definitely help keep his interest piqued.

I’m excited for the coming months when my little boy will be able to read TO me. He says he’s most excited to learn how to read to his little brother – which I’m sure will be a tear filled event for mama!


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4 thoughts on “how to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons | our experience so far + a free printable

  1. Aw, that is so precious. I don’t even want to think about teaching my son how to read yet (he will be turning 2 this May). It seems like they’re growing up faster with each passing day. I always feel bad when I don’t spend the time to read books to my son because I can’t keep his attention for more than 5 minutes. I’m sure the time will come eventually though. Good luck on teaching your son to read! Keep up updated (:

    1. You know though, 5 minutes is pretty good for a 2 year old little boy ;) My little guys loved to read those over and over because they were interested in touching everything and it helped keep their interest.

      I’ll definitely keep you posted with how it goes! I’m really enjoying the process (so far!) I hope it doesn’t get much more complicated but we’ll see…

  2. Home schooling has become a favorite of most parents who opt to teach their kids from home. I read to my kids often since I want to create an interest in reading and what better way than for them to listen to me reading to them.

    Dani Rren

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