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I hardly remembered what this bathroom looked like the day we began this renovation so looking back at the photos is surreal for me! We bought this old house and spent the entire summer and fall renovating. We’d stay with family throughout the week and sleep in our RV on the weekend. The first jobs to get done as quickly as possible were the bathroom and the kitchen….both needed to be completely gutted down to studs, re-insulated, re-wired and re-plumbed. It was a massive job!

For the bathroom, we stuck with it’s original size and layout because we didn’t have any space to expand which meant we had to make the most of a small bathroom. Our previous house had 4 bathrooms…so the idea of downsizing to one small bathroom was honestly a little terrifying.

I was nervous about lack of storage.  Since we were also losing a linen closet in this house our bathroom had to be able to hold extra linens, all my hair tools, products, towels…EVERYTHING. We also needed a sink and counter space large enough to accommodate a family of 4!

Most of all I needed this bathroom to be built for real life with boys. With two little boys in and out of the house and tracking in mud and sand from the farm this bathroom renovation couldn’t be fussy.  I didn’t want anything that would be ruined if it got scratched; I needed it to work with me and not against me!

So, we got to work and ripped everything out so we could start from scratch. Here’s what the bathroom looked like on the day we went to see the house for the first time…



Another view (before the previous owners move out):


Here’s what it looked like once I went at it with a can of spray paint so that my husband knew what to rip out.


Here we are midway through. The sink, toilet and tub came out later that day but the plumber was busy putting in new lines so I didn’t grab a picture of it completely empty.  We ended up closing up this window above the tub becuase it looked out into our sunroom.


And here we are today!

photo 1

New planked pine walls and ceiling painted a soft creamy white, slate floors and tub surround, a new tub, toilet, cabinets, faucets, counter, crown molding and trim.


For storage we purchased a tall Ikea cabinet (on the left) this holds our towels and all my girly stuff. We made our counter base from the same Ikea cabinets we used in our kitchen so the look would be consistent throughout the house. They also gave us much more storage compared to what you would find in a typical bathroom vanity. The counters are Ikea’s oak butcher block (same as our kitchen).

photo 2

photo 2

One thing I didn’t keep consistent was the hardware. There’s a mix of brass, black and even chrome! Somehow it works and gives that eclectic, charming look that you often find in an old farmhouse. I don’t think you can go wrong by just going with what you love.

photo 5

For some extra storage and a place to display flowers and washcloths I went to the barn and picked out two pieces of barnboard to make open bracketed shelves. I used 4 of  Ikea’s “Ekby Hensvik” shelf brackets and simply screwed the barnboard into them from the top.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

I’m so pleased with how our bathroom turned out. There are days when I miss soaking in my big corner jacuzzi in my old master bathroom and my children having their very own bathroom but I don’t mind only having to clean ONE bathroom now! And with all the lights on dimmers, this bathroom can instantly become a calming retreat when necessary ;)

photo 1

Thanks for sticking with me through the process of renovating this bathroom! I share a lot of renovation snippits on instagram so come join me over there if you’re not already. Are you working on any bathroom renos right now?


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49 thoughts on “How To: Create a Kid-Friendly Farmhouse Bathroom! Here’s My Before & After | The Homemade Farm

  1. I love it!!! What a great way to get the most out of your space. I absolutely love that you used kitchen cabinets for the bathroom cabinet – genius idea to get away more space! Beautiful, can’t wait to see it in person.

    1. Thanks Tenille! I would have loved to use an old antique dresser for the vanity but the reality is we needed storage and LOTS of it so kitchen cabinets was the way to go. It helps keep the look cohesive (which I felt was important being that my bathroom is *right* off the kitchen!) and without a linen closet I wanted to be able to store linens in the bathroom instead of the basement. The white helps it not feel cramped…which is impressive because there is a lot of cabinetry jammed in there!

  2. Just stunning! I love everything from the planked walls to the hardware. We also used IKEA kitchen cabinets for our bathroom vanities and have no regrets. Hubby is working on finishing our master bath right now and it’s almost done! Bathrooms are a ton of work, and you did such a wonderful job with yours!

  3. Wow, you guys really know how to make a renovation look professional! Fabulous job on the bathroom, Jordan and I are drooling over the barnboard you have to use!

    1. Thank you Stacey! I still have a few more things to finish up like caulking and putting in corner round around the cabinets…but that’s what winter’s for, right? And I’m officially become a barnboard hoarder LOL

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! You did an amazing job. Can you share where you got the shower curtain? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Lauri! The shower curtain is actually a pair of drapes from HomeSense. I have a shower curtain liner hanging on the inside!

  5. Beautiful! You guys have done a stunning job, way to stick to your vision to create the space you wanted! You are brave!

    1. Thanks Jasmine! I always have these ideas of how I want things to look in my head but to actually make it happen is another story! I’m glad it all came together in the end!

  6. Hi Amanda
    The bathroom is beautiful you are amazing .
    I always liked light colors they make the rooms look larger ,
    you are wonderful love grammie

    1. Thanks Gram! Yes, the white definitely brightened it up and the ceiling planks installed horizontally helped give it a wider look. A big change from what it was when you were here last! I think it was just studs and plywood floors!

  7. This transformation in beyond stunning. I absolutely love your style! I wish you had more time on your hands so I could hire you to come redesign my house to look like yours! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Garcy! It was a really fun seeing my ideas come to life. I loooove renovating!

    1. Thank you Kasey! It’s always a little easier though when you’re starting from scratch with an empty box but with a few little touches here and there you could give any bathroom a farmhouse feel!

  8. The whole room is perfection. You can’t go wrong with what you love. That is for sure!! so pretty Amanda. :)

  9. My gosh Amanda, your bathroom is beautiful (what an amazing change)! I love all of your home renovations so much…they’re exactly my taste! I think I was born in the wrong era! And I just have to say: those turquoise handles?! Gorgeous!!!

  10. Love the turquoise hardware! I always notice the hardware–great do-over, I have a couple of bathrooms that need updating…thanks for the ideas!

  11. Out of curiosity – what size is the bathroom? Doesn’t look a lot bigger than ours but you have waaaaay more cupboard space crammed in there!!!! Must be a bit longer than ours? I think ours is 5′ wide by 8′ deep maybe?

    1. Hey Leanne – it’s 5.5 feet by 8 feet (with the tub it’s 10 feet). I needed as much cupboard space as possible so every square inch was used! There’s enough room in between the toilet and tub for the shower curtain and then enough room on the other side of the toilet beside the cupboard for a toilet paper roll. About 5″ on each side!

  12. It’s beautiful!!! My gosh, everything about your new home is absolutely beautiful. The before/afters you post on Instagram are so inspiring. <3

  13. It’s gorgeous! I love the hardware – where did you get them? And the shelves are beautiful. Such an amazing transformation. It’s always nice to have a custom designed brand new bathroom:)

  14. You know, it has never occurred to me to put bathroom lights on dimmers. Brilliant idea! I love everything about this bathroom. How is the finish on the butcher-block counter holding up?

    1. The dimmer lights were a must for me! I went from a big, beautiful bathroom with a corner jacuzzi tub in our last house to just one little bathroom with a standard sized tub so I was going to do everything I could to make it relaxing when it was time to soak! The butcher block is great but I’m not overly fussy with them so “great” is kind of relative! I like the worn look so I’m okay with water stain, little cracks and chips and I don’t maintain them as meticulously as most! I’m working my way through more before/after posts and the butcher block counters are definitely on the list! ;)

  15. Love the light sconces. Where are those from? And how are the walls behind the planks finished?

    1. I think these ones are from Lowe’s…possibly Home Depot? I can’t remember where I picked them up for sure but they’re from the outdoor section of lighting. And I believe we left drywall behind these planks in the bathroom. In the rest of the house they’re just nailed to the studs.

  16. Just Beautiful!! Is that a shower curtain or window panel!! Do you mind sharing where you got it? Target maybe?! We bought our home this past fall and have been working on giving it a modern farmhouse feel. Working on temporary bathroom updates until we can reno and do what I really want lol! Kitchen was first so have to save for the real bathroom reno ;) Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Hana themomtogdiaries

    1. Hana thanks so much for your sweet comment! The shower curtain is actually just two regular curtain panels that I found at HomeSense (HomeGoods if you’re in the US). I have them on a regular shower curtain rod since the panels have grommets. On the inside, I have a shower curtain liner attached to the rod but the panels in the front hide it. Then I hung the rod high up to accommodate the 84″ length. Hope that helps!

  17. Love it!! Can i ask what kind of planks you used on the wall and ceiling? Have been looking for a picture as my husband loves the plank look but I didn’t want it to be too matchy. Yours is perfect!!

  18. Hello! Just wondering if these are standard IKEA kitchen cabinet depth? I love the look but we need a 22-23 inch vanity and it looks like these are 24″!

  19. I too am trying to “back date” a home with no character to look like an old farmhouse. I LOVE your bath! May I ask where you got your sink? Cute, Cute, Cute!

  20. I adore the final product! Well done! We’re looking to do the same plank wall look in our bathroom remodel. Where did you get the wood? And did you treat it any way to make it more water resistant? Thanks! And again, beautiful work!!!

    1. Thanks Jessica! We used tongue and groove pine from Windsor Plywood. For the paint I just used a bathroom & kitchen mildew resistance paint and it’s working great!

  21. Love what you did with your bathroom! Would like to do something similar in mine :-) Trying to get hubby on board with the butcher block counter top. We have 3 young kids that seem to get water every where except IN the sink lol! Just wondering how your butcher block counter tops have held up? Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration :-) :-)

  22. Kitchen cabinets are typically taller than bathroom vanities. Did you install them as they came? Has having a taller vanity in the bathroom been a problem for you or your kids? We are considering doing the exact same thing but I’m concerned about the height difference.

  23. Do you remember which ikea butcher block you used?

  24. wow! this is beautiful! i stumbled upon your site because were about to do our (second) ikea GRIMSLOV kitchen and add the bathroom to the mix this time. do you mind sharing which sink this is and what type of faucet you used?! I’ve spent the majority of my day pouring over faucets and lighting. ugh! please share. thank you so much!

  25. Love this, I will copy it a little if I may. I now know where to go for the cabinets, counter and sink! I would like to know what’s behind the shower curtain please? Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  26. are each of the cabinets 24″ bases x4 cabinets? i am looking to do ours but want it to be symetical and have to replace a 47″ vanity… its going to be tricky. I’m debating between the grimslov like you did (and what is in our kitchen currently) or Hemmes already together bathroom vanities from IKEA but using the same sink!!!

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