From The Archives: In The Kitchen: How To Make an Orange Julius at Home | Smoothie Recipe

When my children are sick (and therefore ridiculously picky eaters like most kids are when they’re under the weather) this is filling (if you make it with whole milk) while giving them a boost of vitamin C that’ll help heal their colds. Also, the nice thing about this smoothie is that you likely already have everything you need on hand to whip it up.

It’s delicious, frothy and tastes just like the real deal. My kids go absolutely crazy over it!

orange julius2

– 2 cups orange juice

– 1 cup milk

– 1 tsp vanilla

– 1 tbsp sugar

– 6 ice cubes (or about 1 cup of ice)

 Pop it all in a blender and mix til it’s smooth.  Makes approx 4 servings. If you have extra it makes delicious frozen “Creamsicles”!


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29 thoughts on “From The Archives: In The Kitchen: How To Make an Orange Julius at Home | Smoothie Recipe

  1. Wow! I haven’t had an Orange Juiius in ages–thanks! And you’re right–I have everything in the kitchen right now.

    1. Brings back childhood memories for me…I remember always getting them when my mom and I went on a “big” shopping trip to the city. They were such a treat!

  2. I wonder if vanilla Almond milk would give it an odd flavour or if it would still taste alright? I may try that instead…

    1. It definitely wouldn’t taste as creamy and the consistency might be a little off since it’s not made with whole milk, but I bet it would still be yummy!

  3. I ended up making it with regular milk and it was delicious! Next time I may try almond but not so sure how that will go with the OJ…

  4. Thanks for posting this lil pick me up recipe. I will say that we subbed the milk for almond milk and skipped the sugar. It came out so frothy and delicious.

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