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The need for change or feeling that a change is coming so we must prepare for it, I think, is something that many women experience beyond the typical “newborn nesting” phase that occurs during pregnancy. It’s especially evident, fierce even! in those last few weeks –  you know the ones were you’re balancing on top of the counter scrubbing that back corner of the cabinet for no good reason at all? Tip toeing on the edge of the bathtub to wipe down water marks on the top of the shower surround?

I love the feeling of change and being able to freshen up a room by brushing on a new coat of paint or scooting a few pieces of furniture across the room. And since I’m a night owl, this means that most of these room makeovers (even when I was younger) happen during the wee hours of night. Somehow my my 5 foot tall frame is capable of shifting around king sized beds, dressers, 50 inch televisions which is a mystery to me since I only stand 60″ tall…

I am well beyond the newborn years now with my four and six year old but it feels like yesterday that I was washing, rewashing, folding and refolding their itty bitty baby onesies over and over again in preparation for the big day. I was convinced that the clothes would get dusty in the closet or drawers. And to be honest I really felt like I was one step closer to being a mom by doing the laundry. Today with young boys and the baby days behind us, I still feel the “nesting” part of me bubble up often. The nursery decorating nesting and getting my boys rooms ready wasn’t quite as strong for me when they were first born because we were always getting ready for, or in the middle of moving. It really wasn’t until they were 2 and 4 years old that I felt like they had “their” rooms where I could finally focus on helping them making their own.

But we moved last summer so here I am nesting all over again.

Cleaning my boys rooms brings me back to the baby days immediately.  They each still sleep with their Cloud B Sleepy Sheepy and Twilight Nightlights they’ve had since they were born. They still cuddle their blankies and all their stuffies (Ellie, Cammy, Goatey, Daisy…and about 15 more!) they still have their sound machine, their fleecy footie pajamas in big boy sizes, their wooden toddler toys and their favorite books that I read to them over and over in the rocking chair.


The newborn stage might be over but the excitement of new ages and stages and new adventures in the memory book these days is incredible. And dirty…wow little boys are such magnets for mud!

Which is where the KidVantage program at Sears comes into play. Their Lifetime Wear Out Warranty covers children’s apparel and footwear as long as a child in the family continues to wear the size. If the item wears out, Sears will either repair it, replace it with the identical item or a similar item. If you’re a mom of boys, you know this is absolutely golden ;)

Also, this year, Sears is celebrating their Newborn Nesting event again! From April 18th – May 1st you can earn a cash card when you spend the following amount in the Baby’s Room:

– Spend $200-$299.99 on nursery furniture, baby gear, and infant fashions and get a $25 cash card

– Spend $300-$399.99 on nursery furniture, baby gear, and infant fashions and get a $50 cash card

– Spend $400 or more on nursery furniture, baby gear and infant fashions and get a $100 cash card

The offer is valid in-stores and on Cash cards are redeemable May 2 – 21st.

Disclosure: I am part of the Sears Mom Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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