Cancun All Inclusive Luxury Resort: Enhancing Your Vacation: Are Spa Treatments Worth The Splurge?

I will admit that I have never thought to “enhance my stay” with spa treatments while doing an all inclusive vacation – well okay, I’ve thought about it but never felt it was worth the money since I was there to relax by the beach with drinks in my hand as it was.  Did I really need to spend money on a massage?

Previously, my answer would have been no. Mostly because I can get a massage/pedicure/facial/etc., anytime at home and also because of the money factor. Here’s the thing – you spent a few thousand dollars on your trip…is it worth it to spend another $100-$200 on an hour long massage that leaves you feeling like you could melt into the floor after having every muscle, ligament and bone worked on for an hour? Absolutely!

Courtesy of Royal Holiday Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand; I was treated to an hour long massage to experience their beautiful spa and gym.

Walking up to the spa. Notice El Mirador Italian restaurant above the spa that I talked about here Beautiful view!

Below the restaurant walking down into the spa

Spa lobby with yoga studio on your right

and me doing downward facing dog. No comments on my posture please!

The moment I left my couples massage with Tenille (we made such a cute couple haha) I promised myself I would always book a massage for myself and my husband for any trip we take in the future. If you’re used to getting regular massages at home, this might not be as exciting for you, but for me who rarely gets enough time to soak in the tub or take a shower for longer than 6 minutes, a massage on vacation was HEAVEN.

Soothing spa and nature music played, the massage therapists had quiet voices when they needed to ask us questions and didn’t interrupt our R&R by trying to make chitchat. The room was naturally lit with skylights and there was a feature wall/area with beautiful stones and a very zen-like feel with raked sand and neutral paint colors. The spa was impeccably clean, quiet, open and airy.

All in all, after an experience like this I would definitely recommend splurging on a spa treatment like a facial or a massage.  It brings your entire vacation up a notch and will leave you feeling that much more rested.

 This was a sponsored trip courtesy of Royal Holidays in exchange for writing about my experience at the Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand.

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13 thoughts on “Cancun All Inclusive Luxury Resort: Enhancing Your Vacation: Are Spa Treatments Worth The Splurge?

  1. I was given a day at the spa for my 21st birthday and it’s absolutely worth it. i am envious of your trip it looks like it was so fun! Great review I wanna go there for me and my DH’s 10th anniversary next year.

  2. Wow, that looks like heaven! I’ve never bothered with a spa treatment while on vacation either, but I have a feeling that might change next time we plan a getaway.

  3. We’re going away (just the two of us!) in September and I think I’ve finally talked my DH around to us both going to the spa and having a massage. I’m looking forward to that! (2 months!)

  4. I went to a spa in Thailand that was arranged through my hotel and it was amazing. A Thai massage is really incredible, almost like assisted yoga. The part that sucked though was the price ended up being almost double what was advertized at the hotel! It still was worth it!

  5. I’ve only just been to a spa once locally and loved it, but it was expensive. Personally if I were on vacation I’d enjoy the vacation and perhaps have a spa visit once I got home where it was cheaper. But, I’m living on a tight budget so a vacation alone would be lovely.

  6. I love the idea of a massage on vaca, but I’m too frugal to ever fork over the cash. I LOVE that it has a yoga studio though! I would def pay for early morning yoga with a view like that!

  7. I never went to any spa but your review makes me WISH I could experience one. I would love to get a professional massage.

  8. i do not like to be massaged. i am so super ticklish, i just do not enjoy it. i may be into some other spa treatments, but i would rather spend the money on things to do as a family while on vacation.

  9. I definitely think spa treatments are worth it. I had one during a really stressful time in my life and it made me feel so much better, more relaxed and calm.

  10. hi. my friends are going to that place in cancun- Gran Park Royal Cancun Caribe. How much is the massage for couples there? Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Nadia – Sorry I’m not sure on the price for massage! It was courtesy of the spa.

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