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Poached eggs and toast are a family favorite. They’re our Saturday and Sunday morning usual but I have to admit they’re sort of a pain to make if doing it the old school way with boiling water and vinegar. I mean it’s not THAT big of a job…it’s just not very neat and clean and sometimes your eggs come out looking like jelly fish – great for serving kids, totally embarrassing when serving your guests! Hardboiled eggs are a gamble too. Cook them for too long and they’re dried out and tinged grey/green on the inside. Don’t cook them long enough and you’re left with a runny egg you can’t peel.

I have wanted to try an egg cooker for a while now so I picked one out from Hamilton Beach to give it a whirl and turns out it’s a small yet mighty little appliance to have in the kitchen! I’ve been using this method to make hard boiled eggs for quite a while but now I use my egg cooker because it’s simplified the job even more.

The egg cooker comes with a small measuring cup so you know how much water to add before replacing the top and steaming. You can make soft, medium and hard boiled or poached eggs and it works fantastic each and every time!  My favorite is poached.

You simply add the correct amount of water for your preferred doneness, then crack your eggs into the poaching tray (I butter mine first so it won’t stick) and turn it on. Once the water has completely evaporated a timer will go off and like magic your eggs are steamed to perfection in about 6ish minutes. Enough time to pour a cup of coffee and butter a piece of toast. I’m thrilled that I don’t have to stand there and monitor the eggs the entire time. The little cooker does it all for me.

The Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker has made it so easy to fill my kids up with a quick snack packed with protein before or after school or on the go. I’ve almost always have the fridge stocked with hard boiled eggs so there’s no excuse for an unhealthy snack or a lunch on the run. For breakfast or post workout meal I love to have a piece of toast with butter and mango strawberry jam with two poached eggs on top.


Over the holidays when we have company I know I tend to over think things and stress a little bit about feeding everyone for breakfast or brunch.  Some like a hearty breakfast, some don’t have much of an appetite so it’s hard to know what to serve but one thing I know for sure –  it doesn’t have to be fancy! I usually make a loaf of banana bread, serve breakfast with eggs and hearty toast or pancakes and a side of yogurt.  Maybe I’ll put my husband on bacon duty. The old fashioned staples that are the best.  Good coffee, poached eggs seasoned with salt and pepper and a side of buttered toast beside the woodstove is my idea of perfection!


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69 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Poached Eggs & Toast (the new, easier way) + A Hamilton Beach Giveaway | #HBSocialKitchen

  1. For myself, scrambled for sure! But we have experimented with eggs with having 5 hungry kids. We go through a lot of eggs and I think the Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker will speed up the process. Thank you!! :)

  2. I like my eggs poached. I usually cook them in a pot of water though, so they dont come out how they do with the egg cooker. All watery and stuff

  3. I enjoy mine every way but poached & fried are my favorites

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