How To: Clean Windows Like A Pro So They Sparkle | The Quick + Easy + Chemical Free Way From A Gal Who Lives In The Country!

Okay friends. I have been fighting with my three enormous 6’x4′ picture windows in my living room for two years. That’s eighteen by twelve feet of dirty glass that drove me crazy on the daily. We live in the country down a dirt road with dirt driveways so everything has a layer of dust/dirt on it.

Can you see the haze on the right side of this photo and whatever sad attempt I made to clean it the time before? This is legit. I didn’t make it extra dirty by throwing handfuls of dusty sand at my windows. They were always this hazy. Everytime I’d clean them I thought they were clear but once the sun hit the windows, like always, they were left in a sad, swirly, hazy mess. Every. Single. Time. No matter what I used.



Dog nose swipes courtesy of the pup!

So I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Paper towels, newspaper, microfiber, windex, no name windex, homemade cleaners, dish soap, jet dry, ammonia, foam cleaners, alcohol, vinegar, vinegar and dish soap, vinegar and water, water, washing on a cold day, washing on a hot day, washing then wiping down with microfiber…you name it? I’ve tried it.

Two weeks ago I was fed up and completely frustrated from searching for new ideas and finally shut it all down and decided to do how the window washers do.

I got myself a squeegee.

A four dollar little squeegee from Canadian Tire.


Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


Here’s what I did:

I filled a mixing bowl with hot water and a squirt (probably a tablespoon?) of dishwasing soap. I like Dawn. I went outside, dunked my facecloth (no time to find a proper kitchen cloth…too excited) into the hot soapy water, gave the window a quick, messy, sloshy wipe down, then used my squeegee. I wiped off the edge of the squeegee after each pass so it wouldn’t leave lines. The results?


No streaks, no swirls, no haze, no water spots, nothing. Okay there was the occasional water mark and that just wiped off with a dry towel.

I did the inside and out and it worked beautifully. For the inside, I put a couple towels down on the windowsill to catch any excess water from washing and squeegeeing. All in all my three huge windows took me maybe 15 minutes to clean and I didn’t even break a sweat. No scrubbing. No buffing.

Enjoy your clean windows!

(Tessie girly just hanging out while I take blog photos LOL!)


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7 thoughts on “How To: Clean Windows Like A Pro So They Sparkle | The Quick + Easy + Chemical Free Way From A Gal Who Lives In The Country!

  1. We had our windows professionally cleaned before selling our old house and the cleaner used a squeegee and Dawn mixed with water! Our windows are our new home are FILTHY (on the outside though…) so this is exactly what I’ll be doing when warmer weather hits:) Thanks for the tip!

    1. Megan, you’re so welcome! I am SO happy to have found something that actually works! I love dawn…it works amazing mixed with vinegar in a spray bottle as a soap scum remover too ;)

  2. I have been doing that for years, have a friend who does it for a living!

  3. Thanks…. I am going to do this. Just waiting for the snow to melt.

    1. Me too! I did mine a couple weeks back when we had nice weather. I usually have to wash mine every 3 weeks….those kids and dogs and country roads!

  4. Those results are incredible. That might just be the cleanest looking window I’ve ever seen. I’ve never thought about using a squeegee before, but I definitely will now. I’ve never been excited about window cleaning before, but now I can’t wait to go home and try this.

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