Kid-Friendly & Pretty Winter White Holiday Decor Home Tour #LowesHolidayHomes

I’m so excited to share my holiday home with you all! I absolutely love white, bright, clean spaces so the idea of decorating with kid-friendly decor for Christmas had me a little stumped! The easy route would have been to buy a bunch of inflatables and call it a day. Instead I involved the kids in the process as much as possible, got a little messy while doing it and can still enjoy the look and feel of my home.

My theme was white, gold and rose gold so with that in mind we headed to Lowe’s to check out their accessories. Lucky for me gold and white lined the shelves this year!  The kids picked out these cute little deer, small whitewashed wooden tree, LED votive candles and glittery gold cone trees for the mantle. (I’ll be sharing a full before & after of my mantle in another post. I’m so happy it’s finally finished!)

To keep with my winter white theme I was on the hunt for rose gold and white round ornaments and found a beautiful assortment at Lowe’s for an insanely reasonable price! See those pearly white glass ornaments? The perfect winter white!

I also picked out the tree of my dreams – a gorgeous pre-lit flocked fir artificial tree! So pretty. Makes a bit of mess but worth the extra vacuuming ;)

The beautiful hand-lettered ornaments were made my the very talented Justine Ma. Get your order in early next year…she sells out FAST!

Last year I used a beige blanket as a tree skirt and this year I used one of my Top Knot Style throws and just loved the look of the chunky cozy knit blanket under the tree.

I bought two sets of glittery stars and instead of ornaments for the tree I used them for pretty coffee table decor on top of stacked books. They’re just made of metal (maybe plastic?) and have a coating of glittery paint on them so I don’t have to worry if the kids knock them off. They’ll just leave a trail of glitter around the house but who doesn’t love glitter?!

Everything is clean, bright and wintery without being over-the-top christmasy or cluttered.  I think it’s important to choose a handful of things that you really love that you can use every year. I invested in some beautiful gold picks for the tree years ago and I still use them every year no matter the color scheme of my tree.

Now onto the fun stuff with the kids! I wanted to do a little bit of DIY with them so we came up with something that we can use again and again year after year! The MDF trim that I shared in the previous post was transformed into a wooden Christmas tree with the help of Dad, some tiny hands and a new Pasload nailer!


And after!

Right now it’s just standing against the wall as a decoration but the plan is to use as an advent calendar. It didn’t get put to use this year because we have been traveling since early December but it has a beautiful coat of minty green paint on it ready for gold hooks to hang our advent treats on for the countdown to Christmas next year!

I also picked up a set of clear plastic ornaments that the kids could decorate themselves.

We had a bottle of gold paint already so they used that to paint on happy faces, polka dots and hearts. Easy, messy , shatterproof and fun.

This next DIY decor might just be my favorite! Tiny little bottle brush trees that we bought at Lowe’s were placed in a sink bath of water & bleach. 20 minutes later, voila!

All the green disappeared and they were ready for paint! My youngest liked the tiny trees the most so he painted and added glitter to them while they were still wet.

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