Kid-Inspired Holiday Decor That Matches Your Style? It’s Possible! #LowesHolidayHomes

Holiday decor with kids doesn’t have to mean neon colored inflatables on the lawn and I’m going to make it my mission to show you that you can keep your style, and keep your home light and bright and airy while getting your kids involved in decorating for the holidays! As a parent the kids handmade crafts are always everyone’s favorite gifts and I absolutely love seeing their creations around the house! Am I right? They’re always so proud of their hard work and that’s what it’s all about for me and I can’t wait to show you how we’ll accomplish a kid-inspired decorated home!

Over the years Lowe’s has become a second home to our family. No joke..we are there ALL. THE. TIME. At least twice weekly. When you’re a DIY obsessed couple with at least 5 reno jobs on the go at any given time Lowes is like the ultimate reno playground.

So when they invited me to blog about decorating our home for the holidays I was thrilled! It’s not often that I get to shop at Lowe’s for anything other than building supplies or paint…so I’ve been taking my sweet time strolling through the Christmas aisles with my kids!

But before I headed to Lowe’s for my supplies I looked around my house. I cleaned up, stepped back and took a good look so I could be really intentional about my holiday decor purchases. I decided that holiday decor with kids needed to be hands on. We love involving the kids with everything we do and start many of our DIY projects by remembering that it’s not just about us and what we want to accomplish. It’s about making it a learning experience for the kids too. Afterall, they learn by watching and doing and they love to be involved!

My house is very light and airy and bright and I have to admit…traditional holiday colors aren’t my favorite. Red and green just don’t do it for me but I LOVE silver and gold and icy blues and turquoises! White too, obviously. :)

I looked back through last year’s Christmas photos to get a bit of inspiration for this year. We have since moved so I don’t have my old farmhouse to decorate this year but I can’t wait to inject a little rustic “homemade farm” style into my new home!

I love the natural elements of the birch logs, the antique rocking chair, the soft faux sheepskin rug and the look of my painted piano against the planked wood walls!

And that’s when the light bulb went off. No, I won’t be planking our living room walls at the new house, but how fun would it be to make something christmas-y with pieces of planked wood? Something the kids could help make! SO many ideas…so much building supplies at our fingertips! The kids are my inspiration so I’ll be taking them on my shopping trips to hear what they have in mind for decorating.

We’ll be shopping at Lowe’s for most of our supplies and I can’t wait to show you what we come up with for holiday decor over the coming weeks!  Here’s a little sneak peak of just one of our kid-inspired and kid-friendly holiday decor ideas! More on the how-to next week :)


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