Shopping for Kid-Inspired Holiday Decor & Supplies #LowesHolidayHomes

When Lowe’s Canada invited me to blog about decorating our home for the holidays I was thrilled! It’s not often that I get to shop at Lowe’s for anything other than building supplies or paint…so I’ve been taking my sweet time strolling through the Christmas aisles…

….while my kids are busy making noise and doing anything other than paying attention to me. See? Caught in the act.

So I got busy shopping for decor.  How adorable is this little sparkly deer? He had to come home with us.

Lowe’s is always an easy shopping experience. There are plenty of employees available to answer your questions – somebody always comes by to ask me if I need a hand with anything (I usually do!).  The store is organized and if you can’t find what’s supposed to be on the shelf someone will find it for you or order it in. The kids are easy to handle while we’re there…the only thing Lowe’s needs now is a coffee shop and I would be one happy reno’er. I always grab a coffee before I start shopping  ;)

I was happy to find all the artificial trees on display at eye level so I could actually see and feel what the tree will look like once it’s at home! We brought this pretty flocked tree home with us!

All the kids decor is within their reach instead of being up high on a shelf too! This 8 foot tall Minion inflatable is exclusive to Lowe’s and my kids are dying to bring it home. I’m not sure how long it would last with my dog (and kids) running at it all day so we might have to think this one through ;)

So to incorporate my kids into our holiday decor, my first thought was “let’s make something!!” I love to get hands on with the kids so we headed to the wood area to see what we could come up with. We picked up a bundle of primed MDF trim but you’ll have to check back to see what we’re going to make!

The primed MDF makes all the difference when it comes to building anything that’s going to be painted white – which is pretty much everything in my house! We used this for our fireplace makeover that I’ll be sharing in the next post!

We picked up a shiny new Paslode nailer to help with some of our projects:

We also brought home a package of these cute little bottle brush trees but we weren’t crazy about the saturated artificial green color so we plan on having a lot of fun painting these in our favorite colors!

And I squealed when I saw these Rose Gold bulbs! I knew they would look stunning with my white tree!

There’s a few extra sparkly things that I picked up that I’ll show you in the complete “after” post once it’s all decorated! Check back next week!

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