Why Being Called a #GirlBoss or #BossBabe Isn’t a Compliment

This morning when I was scrolling through my social media I kept seeing #bossbabe and #girlboss. On instagram, facebook, twitter..it was attached to everything. Magazine articles, beauty blogger photos and random selfies just because.  It’s a term that I’ve probably even hashtagged on my own instagram once or twice when I realized how trendy it was last year.  Now though, being an entrepreneur and running my own business it irks me.  To me, #GirlBoss has become cheapened and it feels a lot like calling a female police officer a girl cop.

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I posted short rant on my facebook page just to feel it out. Were other women and female entrepreneurs feeling the same way?

Would a male entrepreneur ever call himself or allow people to call him a “boyboss”? No! If you’re the boss, you’re the boss! It might be cute when you’re 10 and the boss of your lemonade stand but not when you’re a grown woman running a business.

The comments have been interesting and definitely get people thinking abut how quickly we are to use these terms.  Octavia Faith has already written a fantastic post on this topic that sums up my feelings exactly. It’s a quick read that you should definitely check out.

Click HERE or on the photo below for the full article.

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