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The outside of my home is aggressively lit for Christmas. As you’ve probably already seen in my post on the, I went all out with the sparkle this year. A sparkly Olaf, giant star, twinkle lights, hanging pendant…we’re perfectly festive on the outside and I love it!

Inside, I wanted to keep the theme going and bring even more sparkle, but being someone who doesn’t like to have a lot of visual clutter around, I didn’t go overboard. My flocked tree is definitely the shining star, and with just a few glittery touches here and there, I can enjoy a clean look for holidays that’s just enough without being overwhelming.

At the entrance, I added a couple of sparkly deer and a whitewashed wooden tree (both from Lowe’s collection last year). Since you can see into the living room from the front entrance, I didn’t add too much since the fireplace mantle and Christmas tree are both within view. There are so many indoor decorations at Lowe’s – from classic traditional to crisp white – that it will be easy to find something to suit your space.


I bought a Lowe’s twinkle light Christmas card display that hangs on the mantle. It has teeny little white clothespins that make it easy to keep our Christmas cards and the kid’s artwork on display. These provide a very gentle glow at nighttime and during the day the look is clean and uncluttered.


Knowing my guests would eventually head to the powder room, I simply added two sparkly star ornaments on the counter and made sure the washroom was spotless, with fresh hand towels for guests.

There are tons more Christmas ornaments to choose from as well – pick whatever works with your space! I added a natural air freshener that guests can use to keep this small space smelling fresh and during any gatherings I’ll add a few drops of my favorite essential oils to my diffuser.

I want to enjoy the next several weeks without feeling “over” all the Christmas decor and without counting down the days to take it down. Decorating simply and without going overboard will allow me to keep most of my decor up well into the winter!

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This post was sponsored by Lowe’s, but all opinions are my own!



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