I Used The (Free) Nike Training Club App for 7 weeks | Before & After

Sometimes it feels like if you want to get fit you need to spend a fortune on trainers, programs, nutrition guides, workout clothes, equipment, gym fees…and the list goes on. We really don’t though. These days everything—EVERYTHING we need is literally at our fingertips and most of it for free. Pinterest, instgram, blogs, it’s all there. If you’re willing to do a little research on fitness and nutrition reaching your goals is possible without spending a ton of cash.

Seven weeks ago I tapped on my fitness folder on my phone and saw all the training apps I had downloaded forever ago for free. Just sitting there waiting for me to get started.

So I took some “before” pics in my teeny bikini that didn’t fit me anymore and told myself to get my ish together and just do it.

I decided to start with NTC. The workouts are always ready for me (with demonstrations for when I have no idea what an exercise is supposed to look like), no searching on youtube and they’re always accesible on my phone. Best part is that I can use it in the comfort of my own unfinished, sorta scary looking basement (ha!) and not have to worry about spending money on a gym membership when I’m just starting out.

It had been a while since I opened the NTC app so when I did I was really surprised to see how much they’ve upped the ante with their workout programs. They’ll create a totally custom plan for you based on what your goals are. And FOR FREE. Crazytown.

I went with their  4 week START UP program focused on endurance, mobility and strength. I’m not doing any cardio other than whatever cardio I get from strength training and the differences in my body after finishing the first program have been impressive! It’s hard to wrap my mind around the idea of little cardio and mostly strength training but it works! If your goal is to gain some shapely curves while losing some fat, strength training is clearly the way to go. I guess all those fitness gurus on Instagram were right….

There’s a bit of an upfront cost if you’re starting with nothing and really want to make the most of the program by using dumbbells or kettle bells but that’s it. For the most part all you need is your own bodyweight, some motivation and you’re good to go.

Here’s my equipment list:

  • 2lbs-8lbs dumbells (after 3 weeks I’m finding that I need to up my weight to 10-12lbs so those are on the list)
  • 15lb kettlebell
  • 25lb kettlebell
  • yoga mat
  • gloves (my old lady hands could do without the extra callus’ thanks and I like the extra grip)
  • a low stool
  • bench
  • barbell
  • weight plates for deadlifts with barbell

I also have a treadmill, Bowflex and bike but I’m not using any of them at the moment. My dog, however, loves the treadmill. You go girl.

On the NTC app I chose to only workout 3 times a week because I knew at the very, very  least I could accomplish that. Then if I was feeling extra motivated I could add in some more workouts, which surprisingly I have! I averaged 6 workouts a week on my own free will and ended up completing 25 workouts in February.

Here’ s what one of my workouts looked like today:

You just tap on the photo and it will start a video in the same window to show you how to do it. Tap again and it closes. SO easy. 

Recovery days are a part of your program and in order to get the best results you need to rest. Right now I’m just using one recovery day a week, usually Sunday.

These were my goals when starting:

  1.  Improve my core. After having a 9.5lbs baby and gaining 50lbs with each pregnancy my stomach muscles are destroyed and my entire core is weeeeeak.
  2. Build some shoulders. I have really small, sloped shoulders and terrible posture.
  3. Build some glutes to help strengthen and stabilize my hips and pelvis (also ruined by children)

As far as fat goes, I had a layer of chub that gave me that “skinny fat” look but I’m not giving myself a goal weight.

After I completed the 4 week Start Up plan, I began the LEAN FIT plan. It’s a 7 week plan with 33 workouts to complete. Most are 30 minutes long and focus on mobility and endurance. Lots of legwork (typical of most of the Nike workouts) and I always get a good sweat on.

So now after 7 weeks of consistency with my training and eating, I am really happy with where I am. I’m so much stronger than I was when I started – picking up my kids isn’t hard on my back anymore and I’m loving how positive and refreshed and energized I feel after my workouts. I’m also naturally reaching for healthier food options without having to think about it too much. I say no to junk just because I know that I’ll feel blah and usually sick to my stomach afterwards so it’s just not worth it.

As for the progress pic, here is a difference of 49 days of strength training and no cardio. I’m short (5′ tall) with a petite build so I have no idea what my weight will end up at once I’ve built up a bit of muscle. For reference I started at 114lbs and I’m currently at 110lbs.

The more in shape I get the more noticeable my loose skin is, but it is what it is. Unless I want to get a tummy tuck it’s just something that I’ll always have. That’s what high waisted lulu’s are for ;)

I’m really eager to gain more muscle to help fill out some of the loose skin and stretch marks but realize it’s a slow process. Eventually it will happen – one day at time!

So! All in all, I think the Nike Training App is a great place to start if you’re interested in getting yourself in shape. Start with the Start Up Plan like I did and be realistic with your goals. It helped me get really comfortable with exercising and since I wasn’t gassing out every time I had the motivation to keep going day after day.  If you end up using the NTC app, add me @naturalmommie as a friend! I share more pics on my insta stories and snapchat so you can always follow me over there too :)

If you have questions for me,  let me know here or send me a DM! Always happy to share! I’ll be sharing more about food and supplements soon.

By the way, no, this isn’t a sponsored post, but if the folks at Nike happen to see this and want to send me some new sneaks in size 5.5, that’d be awesome 😎 

About Amanda

Amanda Robinson is the eco-chic, green living, fitness loving mom behind Natural Mommie. Since 2009, Amanda Robinson has been the source for moms to learn how to bring more balanced green beauty, eco-friendly, sustainable, organic products into their homes without being too “crunchy” or “granola”. Amanda is passionate about design, wellness and inspiring moms to make more eco-friendly and healthy choices without having to trade in their stilettos for Birkenstocks. In addition to Natural Mommie, Amanda is also the owner and designer behind Top Knot Style - a beautiful collection of handmade oversized luxury knitwear.

14 thoughts on “I Used The (Free) Nike Training Club App for 7 weeks | Before & After

  1. You inspired me to start using this app a few weeks ago! Loved that you were so honest and relatable in your insta-stories. Congrats on the amazing results and looking forward to continuing the good health journey :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I’m so happy that this was inspiring for you! I never know how people are going to react to what I share, so thanks for the feedback girl! Keep up with it. I love starting my day with a good workout now – never used to! XO

  2. Thank you for sharing, I downloaded the app right after reading this! I do have one question though, I follow you on Instagram and you’ve posted about changing your food lifestyle, what did you use to get started? I struggle with under eating and not getting the nutrients my body needs.

    1. To give me an idea of how much to eat I used the calculator IIFYM (if it fits your macros). For me personally, I wanted to up my calories a bit to be able to put on muscle so depending on your goals it’ll tell you the ideal amount of calories from protein, fats and carbs that you should be eating. The important thing for me was to make sure I wasn’t under eating! To give you an idea, I’m 5 feet tall, have a sedentary job, work out 6 days a week, am 34 years old and eat around 2000 cals a day. I eat a ton of sliced almonds, full fat yogurt, veggies, lean meat, oatmeal, cheese, and protein powder once a day after my workouts.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! I follow you on Instagram and was very inspired by your progress. I am also turning 34 this year and after three kids I struggle with the “skinny fat” look as well. I’m definitely going to give the Nike Training App a try!

    Also, it looks like you had an amazing time in Arizona! Do you think you will be doing a blog post about it? Would love to hear about places you stayed and where is good to go with kids.

    Thanks again for sharing your story!

    1. Hey Sarah! Thanks for chiming in! SO happy you’ll be giving the NTC app a try. I think you’ll love it :) Great suggestion about blogging about Arizona with kids!

  4. Thanks for a comprehensive and encouraging post. It’s always good to see when and how something works, and NTC has obviously made a real difference for you in a relatively short space of time.

    I’ve done a similar thing, except we’re just about to have our first bub which had kicked me into gear to get fit again – unfortunately most of this fitness apps I’ve tried just didn’t get me motivated, got boring, or got too hard too fast. I’m just about to finish my 4 week start up plan with NTC and I love it, I’m looking for excuses to fit extra workouts in! I actually found your post while searching the weekly recap feature.

    IIFYM looks like it’s worth a look in too!

    I hope you keep enjoying it and keep hitting your goals, you’ve got this. :)

    1. I’m so happy this post helped! I’m still enjoying it months later. Keeps me interested and it’s so nice to not have to search for workouts on youtube everyday! Thanks for taking the time to pop in and say hello :)

  5. I just started using the NTC app yesterday with the Start Up plan and so far, so good. I came upon your blog looking for reviews and before and afters. Thanks so much for sharing, because it’s motivated me even more. I work A LOT. So, it’s nice to squeeze in a home workout early in the morning before starting my hectic workday. The Start Up plan looks simple, but a few minutes in, I’m sweating up a storm. I’m on day 2 and my muscles are sore. I can’t wait to see my results. I will continue to follow your progress and thanks again for the motivation : )

  6. Thanks, Amanda! Great post. I am an NTC devotee too. I launched into their ‘Strength Plan’. This one requires a gym. Like The Intro and Fit Plans this workout leaves you drenched and reshaped.

    I’ve been a member trim NTC since 2012, but Nike has upped its game and delivered. I looked for you on their connect link. Perhaps you turned it off (I did the same thing after receiving too many notifications), so I’ll tag up on instagram. I’m not big into social media, but do enjoy connecting with kindred spirits. Continued best!

  7. Update: I found you on NTC! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your write up helped to inform my decision for the next NTC plan. …You’ve done a great promotion for Nike. May those sneakers be enroute to you :).

  8. Hiya!

    Your progress is amazing in such little time! I would love to have the app have the same effect on me! I’m a little confused with the app however, and would like your advice! How many workouts on the app did you do in one day? I have only been doing one or two a day, should I be going for more? I am 17 and have gained a lot of fat over the past few months, covering the majority of my body. My problem areas are back fat and fat underneath the buttocks- I would like to gain more of a butt too. Any advice would help!
    Thank you! Good luck on your fitness journey!

    1. Hi Carla! One workout per day is more than enough. 3-5 times per week. Get enough sleep, drink enough water, have healthy nutrition, no under-eating, no overtraining and you’ll do great!

  9. Hey!

    I have downloaded this app, i am in the beginner program. Try to workout for 6 times a week. I am 2 weeks done in a 4 weeks program. Do we tend to lose weight? Or does it not affect our weight at all?

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