Taking Care of My Skin In My 30’s: IPL Laser Treatment For Rosacea Before & After

Seems like everyone I talk to about skincare who is in their 30s is completely confused by what is happening to their face. Dryness, oiliness, acne, wrinkles, broken capillaries and their tried and true skincare regime just isn’t working like it used to.You might be breaking out and wondering why you never had acne as a teenager but are waking up zitty in your 30s!

Come to find out our skin goes through a major hormonal change in our 30s. Estrogen peaks during your 20s, giving most women their best-ever complexion: luminous, taut, and even-toned. In your 30s estrogen levels start to dip which means less skin-tightening collagen and elastin and less naturally occurring skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. Cell turnover slows and skin is slow to bounce back from inflammation. Dryness and acne are likely to show up during this decade.

Even when I sunscreen like crazy when we go south my skin acts up and gets a little more red each time. On top of that I have melasma that showed up when I was pregnant a decade ago.  Every time I’m in the sun the brown patches show up mostly on my forehead, some on my chin and cheeks. So with my rosacea, enlarged pores, brown spots, fine lines…I was feeling really crappy about my skin situation overall!

I’ve been to Beautiful You to have laser hair removal done with Jennifer (another post another day!) so I wanted to find out more about how how we could get my rosacea under control, improve redness and hopefully lessen that hot flushed feeling that I often have. We decided to start a series of IPL laser treatments to target my rosacea first and then work on the melasma second.

My goals weren’t to have perfectly toned skin…I’d be happy if I could get away with wearing a fraction of the amount of foundation I normally wear to cover the redness. I wear a full coverage foundation and I’d love to switch to something more sheer!

Here is my before with clean skin and a freshly lasered forehead (cheeks, chin and nose haven’t yet been lasered).

And here is my current makeup free after! This was after 3 weeks…my skin is so much more evenly toned now! Most of my brown spots have sloughed off and since the capillaries are closed my face is rarely flushing as much as it did. Also, now that it’s less red all the time I’m able to take note of what some of my food triggers are. Dairy, tomatoes, coffee and alcohol are definite triggers.

My skin still flushes and some mornings I wake up more red than others but I think with a couple more laser sessions and eliminating a few things from my diet, my rosacea will be much easier to manage!

So as far as the pain goes…it sucks. IPL laser feels like hot elastic bands snapping on your face. It’s not enjoyable. But it’s over relatively quickly and there isn’t much for downtime. You just feel like you have a mild sunburn for a couple days…nothing major.

The results from just one laser session have been incredible and I know it’s because Jennifer has a brand new machine with the newest technology and has been doing this long enough to really know what your skin needs. It was definitely the most painful IPL session I’ve had but it’s also been the most effective ;)

Here are the specifics:

  • Beautiful You uses the newest Lumenis M22 IPL machine
  • the cost is $350 for a full face and $199 half face
  • used to treat melasma (hormonal pigmentation once every 6 months, sun damage, sun spots, rosacea and broken capillaries
  • you can expect the existing brown spots on your face to darken slightly then slough off within a week.
  • if you have rosacea or  broken capillaries they may be darker red/purple for up to a week
  • typically best done in a series of 3 (special package pricing available)
  • can be done every 3 weeks
  • must avoid sun exposure
  • will feel like a mild sunburn for approximately 48 hours

All pain aside, I’m really looking forward to my next session! I’m also using a few new products to help my skin along and I’ll chat about those once I’ve given them a few months to see if they’ve helped.  Any questions, feel free to ask here or on instagram or give Jennifer a call or DM her on instagram at www.instagram.com/beautifulyoulaser to chat about what would be best for your skin!

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