ask the doctor: your midwifery questions answered.

Shortly after the post on homebirths, midwives and doulas (oh my!) many of you had follow up questions and emailed them in to us. To expand on the topic a little further here are two questions about high-risk pregnancy and who makes the call for a c-section (midwife? OB?) AND also how do you know if the midwife and/or clinic is a good choice for you? Read on mamas: (click title to read more)

ask the doctor: expecting : doulas & midwives & homebirth, oh my!

Most moms, especially natural mommies have heard of Midwives and Doulas and a portion of you have even used them! But just in case there’s one or two who are unclear, I thought it was a good idea to reiterate their roles, how they’re different, and their individual benefits to childbirth. Being a Doula myself, being over seven months pregnant {yay!}, and planning to have both a Doula and a Midwife attend my birth, I have encountered many varied reactions {fear, shock, ignorance, judgment} on the subject from friends, family, and even some complete strangers. So let’s clear the air! {click title to read more}

ask the doctor: depression & insomnia | natural alternatives

Hi Dr. Corinne, I've had depression off and on for about 10 years. I've been off and on anti-depressants and just started a new one that was supposed to help me sleep at night (I stay up til 3-4am some nights, then have to get up at 7-8am with the kids) and kick the depression, but I felt like a zombie on it so I stopped taking it after a few days. I feel really good when I tan but I don't because it's not good for me, and it's only a quick fix for the day after I tan. That boost of vitamin D must work then wear off or something. Are there any natural alternatives? I've stopped taking my anti-depressants because I need to see if I can do this without drugs (click title to read more)

ask the doctor: loving your liver (cleanse series: part 1)

At some point in our lives, we should all do a liver cleanse. The liver is an absolutely fascinating organ. It can regenerate itself! And the fact that it’s the only organ that has this capability tells you that the body must think it’s pretty crucial. The liver is your body’s garbage can – it takes everything we ingest that is floating in our blood and breaks it down, detoxifies it, thereby cleansing our blood. Like any garbage can, though…it needs to be emptied. A cleanse is a great way to give your liver a break, to allow it to catch up with all the garbage backlog and allow it to heal itself. It also allows your body to clear out all the toxic bi-products of foods you may be sensitive to. I am currently doing a liver cleanse with my husband {click title to read more}