perfect for fall: organic ginger pear sauce | #disneyjuniormom

Every morning I hear the heavy pittter patter of tiny feet rushing across the planked , squeaky wood floors to my side of the bed. "Mama it's dark in my wroom." And so October's here. A cold layer of frost covers the farm, the mornings are cold and the sun doesn't make an appearance until well after my oldest catches his bus at the end of the dirt driveway. But the tea is hot, there's lots of love and the smell of pear and cinnamon coming from the stove is enough to warm anyone up on a chilly … [Read more...]

in the kitchen: 5 minute easy, chemical free chocolate syrup

So it seems there are a lot of ways to make homemade chocolate syrup. News to me...I was content with buying this chemical-free chocolate milk once in a while as a treat. Until I realized (thanks to all your suggestions on facebook!) how inexpensive and easy it is to make! I sifted through recipe after recipe and decided to first try a no-fuss old-fashioned homemade chocolate syrup that I found in my Feingold book. I'm really liking it for its versatility. Immediately after it's made (and … [Read more...]

in the kitchen: homemade frozen sour strawberry lemonade

Everytime we drive past "timportance" as my children call it, they beg and plead for the frozen lemonade they see on the sign. I've bought them a few times without thinking much about the ingredients since it's just frozen lemonade but come to find out (and I should have known...) it contains a bunch of chemicals. I searched and searched for the ingredients online but could only find the nutritional information (sugar content, cals, etc.) So I phoned Tim Horton's to find out the … [Read more...]

in the kitchen: homemade granola bars: all you need is this as your base + whatever’s in your pantry + 5 minutes.

When I first started making my own granola bars in place of purchasing them for $1 (or more!!) each, I was over-thinking it. I worried about having everything measured just so and got all worked up about how to make things perfect.  I scoured pinterest for days trying to find the best recipes, freaked out about them being too dry, too crumbly, too wet, not sweet enough, too chunky...on and on. You just need a good sticky base. That's it. Now, I am not a measurer....which means my curtains … [Read more...]

in the kitchen: brown sugar chocolate chip cookies | the best i’ve ever made!

Seems like I'm always on a mission to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I find ones I like and yea, they're good..great maybe, but it wasn't until I made these that I knew this was it. This..THIS (!!!)  is the one.  If you love a thin bakery style cookie with crispy bottoms and edges and a soft and chewy center, here is your recipe. Seriously, amazing. The perfect treat for a special weekend  :) - 1/2 cup butter softened (I used salted but the original recipe calls for … [Read more...]