how to: make your own silly putty with 3 ingredients

I loved playing with silly putty when I was little...favorite thing ever. Was right up there with neon leggings, pompom socks and snap bracelets. I'm not sure if you can still buy this in stores anymore so the alternative? Whip up your own! There's a couple different ways to make it, one being with liquid starch (didn't have on hand) or the other way with borax (which I had) so we'll just go with that recipe! It's ridiculously easy and there's a lot of give to the recipe. I'm positive that you can't mess it up. (click title to read more)

how to: make your own (upcycled) heating bag

I saw this tutorial floating around on pinterest and decided to make one for my boys to warm up to when they come in from playing out in the snow. However, turns out it can be transformed into a weapon (is there anything that a 4 year old boy can't turn into a weapon??) so I quickly called dibs and have been popping it in the microwave throughout the day for myself! Surprisingly, Babylegs are the perfect shape and width to wrap around my neck/shoulders. And since the material is stretchy I can actually walk around without it falling off my neck like the magic bag does. And it doesn't weigh much - who wants something heavy pressing on their shoulders at the end of a long day?! SO, this little gem takes no time at all to make -- maybe 10 minutes (click title to read more)

how to: make foaming handsoap for $0.03 & skip the chemicals

When little ones are learning to wash their hands properly foaming hand soap saves mommies a lot of hassle. But the price of it is ridiculous, especially when you have a 4 year old who thinks it's hilarious to fill the sink with foam (otherwise known as pouring $5 worth of foaming handsoap down the drain while I'm not looking). I also want to avoid ingredients like triclosan so making my own takes care of that. Would you believe me if I told you that one bottle of your $2.00 dish washing liquid will make almost 50 bottles of foaming hand soap? True story. Works out to about $0.03 a bottle. If you already have a foaming handsoap dispenser, you're golden. This DIY will cost you pennies. Let's get started! (click title to read more)

how to: make your own lip exfoliator

Perfect! And for a super moisturizing DIY body scrub, just skip the honey and keep a big jar of brown (or white) sugar/olive oil mix in your shower. Your skin will be happy, moisturized and gah-geously glowing without having to take an extra 5 minutes to slather on lotion afterwards. (click title to read more)